“I have found working with Ian an invaluable experience both from a personal and organizational perspective. In his trainings, both group and individual settings, Ian excels at getting participants to open up and let their defenses down allowing participants to grow and develop as leaders. Ian is very effective at engaging his audience and getting full participation.

I have also been impressed with Ian’s ability to “interview” an organization and to really pick-up on the culture and understand what the challenges are. I can recommend Ian without hesitation as we have always gotten a great ROI!”

– Michael Parks, Vice President, Corporate Resources, Dow Electronics

“Thank you for delivering a power-packed presentation entitled “The Power of Influence and the Impact on Performance” for our High Potential team. The feedback I’ve received from the participants has been outstanding.

I also know we will experience long term positive results for our business based on this program. Again thank you for presenting the highest quality program that delivered results for our High Potential employees. I look forward to working with you again next year.”
– Craig Nielsen Ph.D., Sr. Director, Development & Learning, RealNetworks, Inc.

“”We engaged Ian to facilitate a staff retreat focusing on cross-functional team building. He dove into and acquired an understanding of our strategic vision as an organization and the issues and opportunities facing our team, and built a framework that worked ideally for us.”

Ian’s Teamwork Palette was the perfect tool for creating strong engagement and specific actionable outcomes we can build on!”
– Stephen M. Delfin, President & CEO, America’s Charities

“Ian Cook’s ability to sift through business and learning needs in a concise and focused fashion coupled with his natural leadership and coaching ability led to a meaningful, purposeful and actionable learning event for about 50 of our leaders.

To this day many of our leaders apply the coaching and leadership principles introduced in the workshop.”
– Debbie Fedyk, BA., C.H.R.P., Director, Human Resources, Alcon Canada

“Ian has delivered over 20 presentations to various court audiences during the past seven years, and I can say unequivocally that the court managers and supervisors in attendance have benefited enormously from these training sessions.

To amplify, Ian helped to de-mystify the art of leading people and provided useful, applicable skills for real managers in real situations. He masterfully blended theory and practice and always delivered his message with a high degree of enthusiasm and professionalism.

Ian’s splendid participant handouts and stimulating in-class exercises compliment his excellent verbal skills.”
– Michael Eric Siegel, Ph.D., Senior Education Specialist, The Federal Judicial Center

“I just want to commend you for the high caliber of delivery you have exhibited in all of the “Manager as Coach” sessions.

This program was targeted at the very top leaders and managers, 1800 in all, across all ministries of the Ontario Government. Add to this the fact that this is the very first mandatory program for the Senior Management Group.

Our requirements were high. First we needed a program of the highest caliber. Equally if not more important we clearly required extremely high standards of both platform presence and training ability to make the program meaningful.

On all accounts you have exceeded our expectations. You have consistently scored 4’s and 5’s out of 5, with glowing comments received from what can be a very critical audience.”
– Martin Krogh, Senior Training Consultant, Centre for Leadership and Learning, OPS Learning and Development

“I am writing to express our appreciation for the outstanding work you have done to customize the content of the Leadership and Supervisory Skills course to the unique needs of municipal Public Works personnel.

Feedback from attendees has been consistently excellent in the two years we have offered the program. Participants remark on your energetic delivery and creativity used to make key content points more memorable.”
– Heather Crewe, Manager, Professional Development and Training, Ontario Good Roads Association

“Ian did a team building session for my staff of 20. He not only worked with my employees but also provided me with insights into what was taking place in each of the exercises. It was an extremely enjoyable session and we learned a lot about one another.”
– Nancy Dudley, Head, Client Services, CFA Institute

“It is with great pleasure that I write to thank you for the excellent work that you have provided to our association over the past 18 years.

Your professionalism and manner in which you conducted the various sessions with our members has been noted by many as leading to the success of each of those events. In addition, the outcome of the strategic planning sessions has led to the unprecedented success of our association. The number of programs we provide to our members has never been greater and our membership currently includes 95 percent of the industry across Canada”
– Henry Walthert, CAE, Executive Director, Wood Preservation Canada

“The KRA process has enabled our management team to focus on the areas and tasks that enable us to deliver a quality service in the most efficient manner.  Also, we have achieved a clarity around roles and deliverables that has fostered a new level of employee accountability across the organization.  We highly recommend the KRA process to organizations that desire to get to the next level of excellence.”
– Wendy Gradison, LCSW, President and CEO, PRS, Inc.

“Ian was able to effortlessly galvanize all 22 court employees into an impressive stimulating learning modality. Most importantly, because of our pre-meeting, and his seasoned ability to gather the appropriate value-added training information needed he was able to employ a well received teaching and delivery style with a mixture of some very very rich and highly focused content.”
– Keith Robinson, Manager, Staff Development, Center for Education and Training Division, District of Columbia Courts

“We invited Fulcrum Associates to participate in our 2010 annual sales meeting. Their team building exercise, Terra Nova, was one of the highlights of the meeting. The exercise was entertaining, instructional and reinforced the fact that cross functional teamwork is the key to the sustained success of any great organization.”
– Kevin Fiori, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Sunkist Growers Inc.

“Thank you for an excellent job of identifying our needs and focusing the discussion on those areas. The course was relevant to the work environment and you were understanding and sensitive to the challenges being faced by the Communications Officers in their work place.”
– Marilyn Rundle, Division Chief Communications, Brampton Fire and Emergency Services



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