Teamwork Palette®

Seven Ingredients of Outstanding Team Meetings

Teamwork Palette TestimonialHow about YOUR team?

Do your team meetings produce the results you want?
Or…do decisions take too long and agenda items get deferred?

Are your meetings crisp, energized and efficient?

Or…are they often seen as boring and time wasting?

Does your team enjoy the trust and openness that high performing teams* experience?

Or…do team members conceal what they really think and avoid making a full commitment to team success?


* High performing teams…do not stay “stuck” very long, nor do they tolerate inefficient team functioning. They have developed a high level of trust. This makes it safe for any member to call the group on behavior that is preventing the team from moving towards its goals, from getting the results to which it is committed.


Use the Teamwork Palette® to turn your team’s meetings into positive, satisfying, and productive time for every attendee.

Benefits for your TEAM:

  • Build team efficiency
  • Achieve results faster
  • Foster members’ accountability for team success
  • Increase follow-through on action commitments between meetings
  • Expand the level of trust and openness in your group

Benefits for your MEETINGS:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced length and time wasted
  • Better quality decisions
  • More positive atmosphere
  • Less frustration for attendees

What is the Teamwork Palette?

A practical, hands-on tool for team effectiveness

Perhaps team members can’t agree on an issue, go off on a tangent, lose enthusiasm, stop listening to one another, or endure the simmering frustration when people don’t meet their commitments to the group.

Now you have a way to bring up the problem–right there in the meeting–and deal with it, so the team can quickly get back to the business at-hand. Any team member can use the Palette when the meeting’s process breaks down.

Supports the Seven Elements of Team Success

The Teamwork Palette addresses seven areas where high performing teams excel:

  1. Agreement
  2. Commitment
  3. Accountability
  4. Leadership
  5. Communication
  6. Collaboration
  7. Trust

The Teamwork Palette ToolEasy-to-use physical design

The seven elements are presented on separate strips, attached with an eyelet for easy fanning open to reveal all seven factors at-a-glance. On the back of each strip are 5-6 questions that a professional facilitator might use to dig deeper into the respective element.

The tool is designed to be used in meetings. It is printed on durable card stock and will fit easily in a portfolio pocket or purse. Amid the stress of a struggling meeting it can be difficult to determine exactly what is holding your group back. It can be doubly difficult to bring it up with a constructive comment to the group. With the Palette in hand, any meeting attendee can use one of the prepared questions to analyze the problem and express how he or she thinks the group has become stuck.

The Teamwork Palette Resource CD comes with comprehensive Application Guides for both the Team Leader and Team Members

The Team Leader Guide provides everything you need to get your team using the tool. With easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, it shows you how to introduce the Palette to your team and how to lead them in using it at four particular moments:

  1. At the beginning of a meeting, acknowledging what members need to keep in mind during the upcoming discussions
  2. During a meeting, when the team becomes “stuck”
  3. At the end of a meeting, looking back and and assessing team performance
  4. Periodically, doing a review of the team’s current level of effectiveness

Who will benefit from the Teamwork Palette


  • Management teams
  • Departmental and unit work teams
  • Project teams
  • Cross-functional/matrix teams and task forces
  • Committees
  • Boards of directors


  • Managers, to analyze or monitor their team’s effectiveness
  • Human resource and training professionals
  • Professional facilitators
  • Anyone who wants to help the team they’re on get better

How to start using the Teamwork Palette

 First, Call Ian at 571-226-6610 to order the Teamwork Palette Starter Kit $29.97.

The kit contains:

  • 1 Teamwork Palette for the team leader
  • CD containing the following reproducible resources:
    • Team Leader Guide
    • Team Member Guide
    • Slideshow introducing you to the Palette and its application with your team
    • Webinar: Seven Ingredients of Outstanding Meetings
    • Worksheets for use when introducing the Palette to your team
    • Ideas on ways the tool can support teamwork across your organization
    • Articles with insights on teams, meetings and facilitation
    • Additional Teamwork Palettes for team members (14.97 each)

Finally, implement the tool. Introduce it into your team and start using it immediately to make your meetings more productive and strengthen relations within the team. Your Teamwork Palette Package provides you with everything you will need.

Facilitation Support. If you prefer, Fulcrum Associates will provide a professional facilitator to lead the introduction of the Palette and get your team up and running using it comfortably. And, while we are there, we can add in some basic team building. Be sure to ask us about this service.