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Sharpen Your Leadership Game

by Ian Cook

What is behind the success of people who excel in any field? They have taught themselves to “sweat the small stuff.” They realize that top level performance means mastering the fundamentals of their craft, their sport, their profession.

This is no different with the very best managers. They have learned how to very effectively:

  • build a strong team,
  • coach their employees for superior job performance,
  • foster an accountable, motivated work force, and
  • effectively handle their relationship with their own boss.

In this book you will discover eight fundamental ways in which you can lead your employees to deliver extraordinary job performance. These are eight proven strategies used by the best managers in any organization.

Each strategy comes with seven easy-to-apply activities–56 tips in all–which, if you perform them well, will make you a superb manager who:

  1. brings out the very best in your people and
  2. exceeds the results your organization expects from you.

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