Dialogue Skills

“When you listen to somebody else, whether you like it or not, what they say becomes a part of you…the common pool is created, where people begin suspending their own opinions and listening to other people’s (opinions).  At some point people begin recognizing that this common pool is more important than their separate pools.”
–David Bohm, physicist

What Participants Will Learn…

  • Achieving the appropriate balance between advocacy and inquiry in your discussions
  • How to manage a productive discussion between two polar opposite positions
  • How to facilitate a dialogue between two conflicting parties
  • Using the dialogue approach to coach someone from a focus on “what’s wrong” to “what’s possible”


Once you have become proficient in the basics of communication, the complexity and pressures of modern organizational life require you to apply them in a sensitive and sophisticated manner. Increasingly, optimal solutions to problems are born out of shared perspectives. Those who have the “one right answer” dangerously limit our options.

This workshop presents cutting edge concepts and approaches from the newly emerging field of communications called dialogue. Discover how different perspectives around a problem can be expressed, honored and examined without the parties feeling they have given in on their original positions.

This workshop utilizes the Mobius Model, a powerful “road map” for keeping problem-solving conversations open to possibility and maintaining the well-being of individuals who bring different perspectives to the table.

Mobius Model™ is a trademark of Mobius, Inc. Minneapolis, MN

Points Regarding This Program…

  • Target audience is managers or key individual contributors whose success depends on leading others in finding solutions for complex issues where strong differing points of view are typically involved.
  • Prerequisite: Attendees for this program must have completed Fulcrum Associates’ program Core Communications Skills.
  • This program works particularly well as a follow-on workshop after completion of our flagship program, The Skillful Leader, which we deliver under our leadership development arm, Leadership: The Enduring Edge.



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