Customized Team Retreats

Team workingCustomized team building is ideal for a management team or work group that…

  1. is newly formed (or re-formed)
  2. has a brand new leader
  3. has been experiencing conflict or a decrease in effectiveness
  4. just wants to become even more effective

Fulcrum will design and facilitate a session for your group to address specific team challenges and opportunities. Typically our clients call on us to help a team increase its capacity to achieve results by developing elements such as:

    • Team mission and vision
    • Key performance benchmarks
    • Clear roles and responsibilities among members
  • Agreed-upon behavior guidelines
  • Productive work processes and decision-making procedures
  • Alignment with the direction and priorities of the wider organization
  • Group cohesion and motivation

Issues around leadership, communications or trust may also need to be addressed, as appropriate. Our facilitator first meets with the manager or team leader to scope the team’s history, current challenges and the outcomes desired from team building.

On occasion, we may recommend that group members complete a team assessment questionnaire in advance. When the issues are particularly sensitive and relations within the team are tense, we will opt to conduct one-on-one diagnostic interviews with each team member.

Based on input we gather from the leader and the team (and, occasionally, from others not in the team), we customize a 1-2 day team building retreat that will focus laser like on the team’s highest indicated priorities. Further team building may, in some cases, be required but only if the team elects to engage in it.

Special Feature:

Our team-building service normally incorporates the powerful team process tool, the Teamwork Palette®  into the event. This tool helps your team deal quickly and effectively with human dynamics issues that can otherwise slow you down and, in some cases, prevent you from achieving your team goals. Using the Palette is a perfect way to sustain your team’s effectiveness long after your team-building retreat is over.


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