Open Space

This cutting edge methodology brings together the wisdom and experience of your people and releases their energy and creativity to solve a problem or uncover an opportunity.

The Open Space approach works wonders when your organization…

  • has a major, complex issue to tackle (e.g. Becoming more customer-focused, Getting to market faster, Implementing a major change)
  • must move forward quickly to take practical action on it
  • needs to draw from the perspectives of, and get buy-in from, a diverse group of people
  • has, or anticipates having, conflict on its hands around the issue
  • is genuinely open to empowering its people, utilizing their input and trusting that they will deliver solid, practical ideas and courses of action
  • will commit to act upon the ideas generated and utilize the enthusiasm and commitment generated amongst the participants to make results happen

The process begins with your organization defining the issue, creating the theme, setting any budget limitations or other boundaries and inviting the participants. Then at the event, once our facilitator has set the scene and explained the essentially self-regulating process, your group is unleashed to discuss and tackle aspects of the issue that they feel strongly about. Open Space runs on two fundamentals: passion and responsibility. Passion engages the participants and responsibility ensures that the deliverables occur.

Typical outputs from an Open Space meeting, in the form of a written report generated by the end of the session, can include ideas, insights, related issues consolidated, priorities identified, proposals, initial action plans laid out, and enthusiastic task groups created from amongst the participants.

The event can last anywhere from 1 day (raise and discuss key issues only) to 2 1/2 days (generate a set of proceedings that includes prioritized issues, recommended initiatives and names of participants committed to implementing the various action plans back at work.) The Open Space methodology works well with groups of from 35 to 1000 participants. There simply is no more efficient way to bring a wide group of people together to address a complex issue and converge on focused action.


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