Kick-Starting a Temporary Team

Custom-designed for newly-formed:

  • cross-functional teams
  • matrix teams
  • project teams
  • task forces

These groups have high demands placed on them to produce results-quickly! For this reason, in these limited life teams there is an almost overwhelming tendency to dive right into the work of the team on Day 1 without paying any heed to the human dynamics of the group. This focusing on “what” team members must deliver without planning for “how” they will work together usually comes back later to reduce the group’s capacity to meet its deliverables and deadlines.

Frequently assembled from different parts of the organization, members of these teams bring different perspectives, assumptions, needs and ways of working. They must, however, sort out their human dynamics early on and get everyone aligned with and committed to the team’s objectives.

We fast-track your limited life team to high performance by spending just one day-at the front end-helping sort out its human dynamics and processes so that it can then turn its attention productively to the job at-hand.

Your group will address fundamentals critical to the team’s success:

  • Team purpose
  • Operating guidelines
  • Deliverables
  • Expectations of members
  • Skills, knowledge, experience each member brings
  • Commitment to team success
  • Relations with the “champion(s)” to whom it reports
  • What to do when we get “stuck”

Your team members will leave this session with a sense of cohesion, confidence, enthusiasm, and focus, as well as an appreciation for the “soft” skills that will drive their “hard” results.

Special Feature:

Our team-building service normally incorporates the powerful team process tool, the Teamwork Palette® into the event. This tool helps your team deal quickly and effectively with human dynamics issues that can otherwise slow you down and, in some cases, prevent you from achieving your team goals. Using the Palette is a perfect way to sustain your team’s effectiveness long after your team-building retreat is over.


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