Department Team Building

TestimonialDoes your department or unit periodically go off-site together for a day or so to build group cohesion, address specific challenges or opportunities, learn some new skills and perhaps in the process have some fun?

Fulcrum will customize and facilitate a team meeting for your group to make your day away both productive and memorable. Depending upon your goals for the event, we have the resources to help your group…

  • Have a high energy, engaging group experience with some fundamental learning embedded in
  • Learn specific skills (e.g. communications, teamwork, responding to change, dealing with conflict)
  • Learn one another’s personality style and how to work productively with the differences
  • Reduce “silo” mentality
  • Improve the way sub-units interact, collaborate and hand off work product
  • Craft a shared mission, vision, and values
  • Identify concrete ways to enhance relationships with other departments, customers, stakeholders, etc.
  • Build group cohesion and team spirit
  • Celebrate a successful and/or challenging year

We meet with you in advance to identify what you want your participants to know and be able to do, as well as how you want them to feel at the end of the session.

Regardless of what outcomes you decide on, our twin goals will be to:

  1. Enhance the capacity of your unit to deliver the results you expect from it
  2. Provide you with a solid return on your investment in the event


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