Aligning and Focusing Your Unit

It’s a crazy work world out there…

As a manager, you face shifting demands from your staff as well as from above. You cope with frequent interruptions and distractions. You are inundated with electronic messages and information. And there is always too little time to do what feels like an adequate job.

Add to this the fact that you are human! We humans face the ever-present temptation to spend our time and attention on the tasks that we do the best and like the most. We often “creatively avoid” the more challenging and complex parts of our job. The problem is that these usually involve the tasks that generate the greatest results.

Sometimes we need a bit of structure and clarity to keep us focused. Through the KRA process you will achieve that clarity…and then watch your team’s capacity to deliver soar.

As a manager, you have undoubtedly at some time asked yourself…

“How can I ensure that both I and my team are focusing our efforts on activities that will yield maximum results and best move this unit toward its objectives?”

“The KRA process has enabled our management team to focus on the areas and tasks that enable us to deliver a quality service in the most efficient manner.  Also, we have achieved a clarity around roles and deliverables that has fostered a new level of employee accountability across the organization.  We highly recommend the KRA process to organizations that desire to get to the next level of excellence.”

Wendy Gradison, LCSW, President and CEO, PRS, Inc.

Fulcrum’s KRA (“Key Result Areas”) process

Our methodology is a proven way to get everyone in your unit aligned with your priorities and focused on the high leverage tasks.

You and each of your team members will achieve clarity around four essential aspects of your respective jobs:

  1. The overall purpose of your job (in just a sentence or two)
  2. The key areas of your job where you are expected to generate results (“KRA’s”)
  3. Specific performance indicators (concrete measures or, if not practical, clear descriptors) attached to each KRA
  4. How you currently spend your time vs. how, ideally, you should be deploying yourself, given your KRA’s.

NOTE: As an added benefit, your team members will learn that the choices they make daily (even hourly) about how they deploy themselves constitute a business investment decision!

The KRA process begins with each participant doing some pre-work analysis. This is followed by a facilitated session with you and your team to gain agreement on the above three elements.

The length of the session depends upon how many are in your team. You can expect to spend about one day for a group of 6-7 individuals. For a larger department or organization, typically the top management team goes through the process first. The managers then usually have enough understanding to roll out the process to the rest of the staff.

Outcomes you can expect:

  • Clear agreement between you and each team member around what his or her deliverables are
  • A document for you to individually coach them and address any performance shortfalls
  • A document they can use to better manage their time and priorities
  • Increased productivity from each team member
  • Input for a pay-for-performance system

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