Micro Leadership

coaching_homepageHow well do your managers work with their people at the “micro” level–in that interpersonal space between the manager and his/her individual employees?

As you probably realize, in this very space lies a tremendous, untapped potential for higher quality and greater results. Improve your managers’ leadership approach and you will improve team performance. You are already paying for your employees’ full contribution. Why not get it?

Managers who consistently generate strong results know how to have effective conversations with their employees around:

  • job performance
  • job satisfaction and motivation
  • on-going learning & development

Furthermore, these best managers confidently and professionally handle critical performance killing situations, such as:

  • an employee who becomes unmotivated and disengaged in the work*
  • a conflict that arises in the workplace
  • negative, blaming talk within a work team or department
  • a serious drop in performance that has to be turned around
  • low morale
  • resistance to necessary changes

*There is a significant positive relationship between the degree of employee engagement and (1) net income, (2) diluted earnings per share, and (3) shareholder return. (TowersWatson, Gallup, Kenaxa)

Perhaps some of your managers were promoted because of their strong technical ability, job knowledge, and skills to do the work themselves. But now how they behave and communicate can make or break the output of an entire unit.

At Fulcrum Associates we have a quarter century of experience teaching managers how to pull the best results from their people. Call us to discuss how your management group can do this too.

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“I have found working with Ian an invaluable experience both from a personal and organizational perspective. In his trainings, both group and individual settings, Ian excels at getting participants to open up and let their defenses down allowing participants to grow and develop as leaders. Ian is very effective at engaging his audience and getting full participation.

I have also been impressed with Ian’s ability to “interview” an organization and to really pick-up on the culture and understand what the challenges are. I can recommend Ian without hesitation as we have always gotten a great ROI!”

– Michael Parks, Vice President, Corporate Resources, Dow Electronics

Working closely with you, we customize a skill development solution to ensure your managers generate the full outcomes their staff are capable of.

We can draw from a range of offerings that include:

Management development workshop modules

We understand that your managers are busy. Every day they are off the job in training is costly to your operation. So, we customize your MD program to the specific outcomes you are seeking, in the shortest amount of classroom time possible. In addition, we are open to delivering some content via webinar, where it make sense.

The Skillful Leader

From a range of topic modules, customize a program that addresses the current, specific development needs of your managers. (Read more)

Coaching Poor & Marginal Performers

Give your managers proven approaches along with the confidence to handle those difficult performance-related conversations. (Read more)

Dialogue Skills

Bring different points-of-view together for better decisions and working relationships (Read more)

Boosting Your Team’s Performance

Your managers combine an understanding of group dynamics and practical team leadership approaches to achieve the remarkable potential of their teams. (Read more)

Running Effective Meetings

Stop wasting time and killing enthusiasm with your meetings. Keep them short, energizing, and to the point. (Read more)

Leading Change without MigrainesTM

Just-in-time learning for managers who are about to lead a change challenge or opportunity. (Read more)

Managing Up

A special workshop for staff. How to take accountability for their end of a successful relationship with their boss…and above (Read more)

Facilitation services

We will work with your intact management group, project team, or self-directed work team to address specific challenges. We design and facilitate customized team retreats and even entire department team-building events.

In addition, to satisfy a wide range of client needs, we offer specialized facilitative processes such as:

Kick-Starting a Temporary Team

Give your project, matrix, and cross-functional teams a powerful opening shot. (Read more)

Inter-Group Dialogue

Clear up communication and build trust between two units that are not working well together…but absolutely have to. (Read more)

Open Space

Tap into the wisdom and energy of a diverse group of people to resolve a critical issue or uncover a big opportunity. (Read more)


A specialized process to foster collaboration and conflict resoulution among the various stakeholders in large, capital-intensive projects. (Read more)

Business Process Improvement

Optimize your existing processes or even radically reinvent a major business segment to achieve dramatic cost savings and performance outcomes. (Read more)

Change without MigrainesTM Consulting

Engage people’s heads and hearts in the planning and successful implementation of a change initiative. (Read more)

Team Mapping

Analyze the impact of teams and work units across your organization and then develop a strategic “roadmap” to optimal team performance. (Read more)


Experiential, interactive learning events

Differently from classroom training, participants become fully involved in engaging, high-energy simulations of challenging work related situations. Then, through a focused debrief discussion, they take a look at the impact of their behavior and apply concrete lessons back to their workplace.

Two great options:

  1. We can blend a particular simulation into a management development program we customize for you.
  2. Any of these make a great stand-alone event for a meeting or conference.

Bust silo thinking! See the larger (system) picture:

Friday Night at the ER®

Managers of key hospital departments cope with a frenetic 24 hour period as patients flow into and through the Emergency Room. They discover how their own unit is, in fact, part of a larger system which functions effectively–only if they work collaboratively. (Read more)

Promises Promises™

Newly elected national leaders of ten countries, each pledged to fulfill outrageous electoral promises, convene at the United League of Nations. In the course of negotiating and even battling around conflicting interests they are challenged to achieve their individual goals through mutual trust and a common vision. (Read more)

Terra Nova™

Three specialized “guilds” (teams) come together to build, from scratch, a structure representing the new community of Terra Nova. They struggle to collaborate and integrate their contributions to the project while maintaining high quality and profitability standards. Ultimately, they come to refocus on behaviors that will generate a shared, optimal overall outcome. (Read more)

Sharpen leadership practices:

Council of the Marble Star™

Harking back to King Arthur’s time long ago, teams of villagers compete to be declared “elders” in the kingdom. To achieve this high honor, they must trade resources and information with other teams with a goal to maximize their own net worth while maintaining positive relationshipswith the rest of the room. (Read more)

Getting in the Groove®

Experience a live, improv jazz ensemble as it demonstrates the lessons around shared leadership by which it creates terrific music. Participants leave with insights and approaches they can use when leading (even temporary) teams, blending diverse abilities and specialized skills, and moving rapidly to high performance. (Read more)

Maximize your team’s outcomes:

Gold of the Desert Kings®

Shift your team’s strategy from playing to survive to playing to win! Competing teams learn the benefits of teamwork, planning, goal setting and managing risk in this challenging, high-energy race across the perilous desert. If they don’t, they die in the desert (and learn from that too, of course.) (Read more)