Leadership Culture Survey™

The Leadership Culture Survey™ (LCS) offers a quick, accurate “MRI” of your organization’s leadership culture. It measures 31 dimensions organized under eight critical summary dimensions within two domains: Creative Leadership Competencies and Reactive Leadership Tendencies.

Respondents to the survey answer it twice, once in terms of how they see the current culture and then a second time for how they ideally would like the culture to be. The top management team members complete it and so do all–or a sampling of–employees.

This yields two potential gaps: (1) between the current and desired cultures and (2) between the perceptions of leadership and staff. Break-out reports can easily be produced for sub-groups in your organization, an intact work team or management team, or the wider organization. For example, you might want to see how your top team and the next management level down separately see the culture, or perhaps how these compare with the views of Western Region staff or the Marketing department.

LCS results quickly focus attention on those aspects of the culture that most need to be addressed, including a direction for your leadership development efforts. Furthermore, LCS tells how your leadership culture compares to that of other similar organizations.

To view the full Culture Survey, click here: Leadership Culture Survey

Next Steps

Depending upon the results of an initial survey of your culture, you may elect to take any number of initiatives, for example:

Works seamlessly with:

Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP)
Built on the same integral framework as the LCP, the Leadership Culture Survey measures the impact of current leadership behavior on the culture.

So, you can first use the Culture Survey to identify the need for change and then apply the Leadership Circle Profile 360º assessment to provide in-depth feedback for the development of individual managers or your leadership team.

Note: Leadership Culture Survey™ was developed and is owned by The Leadership Circle™


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