The Leadership System™

Increase Individual and Collective Leadership Effectiveness Across Your Organization

The Leadership System™ is an integrated approach–not a quick fix workshop–that improves business results by evolving the effectiveness of your senior leaders and mid level managers into a competitive advantage.

It creates permanent change by addressing the so-called “inner game” of beliefs, assumptions and ingrained thought patterns that ultimately determine their “outer game” behavior.

The Leadership System is flexible to meet your needs. At your choice, it can last anywhere from a few months up to a year or more in a custom designed configuration of integrated state-of-the art tools, workshops, and processes to meet your performance targets.

This learning journey for your managers continually links back to business results and results in practical actions that boost individual and team performance.

The Leadership System™ includes the following components:



Preparation and Assessment – The Leadership Circle Profile™

We work with your Senior Team to:

  • Clarify goals for collective leadership effectiveness and business performance improvement.
  • Plan how it will communicate the leadership development initiative to the organization, why it is important, and what will take place.

At this phase, a Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) (360º assessment) is completed for each participating manager.

On occasion a client will prefer to introduce a broader assessment before acquiring data on individual managers. In such cases, you have an option of first conducting The Leadership Culture Survey (LCS) which offers collective perception of staff as to the culture being fostered by senior leadership. This would then be followed by the individual LCPs.

The Promise of Leadership™ Workshop (PoL)

Imagine your managers gaining eye-opening insights about their performance
as leaders, learning to apply them in everyday situations, and laying the foundation
for an ongoing journey of development – all on day one!

PoL constitutes a powerful launch of your leaders’ journey of self-discovery. We strongly recommend it as a kick-off for whatever Leadership System customized configuration you choose. This highly compelling half-day workshop:

  • Presents the core leadership model and common framework for all your managers.
  • Shows how effective leadership translates into business performance.
  • Explains the Leadership Circle Profile™.
  • Distributes the Profile results* and begins the feedback assimilation process through reflection on results and peer-to-peer discussions.
  • Provides immediate insights about what they are doing well and how they are blocking their own success
  • Leaves them with actionable practices for improvement they can put to work immediately.
  • Organizes the next steps in The Leadership System process.

*One-on-one “unpacking” meeting

In addition, we very strongly recommend that, following PoL, every participant receive a one-on-one consultation session with our facilitator/coach to go over their 360º data, illuminate patterns and key messages from the results, and respond to any questions or concerns they may have.

Leadership Development Plan (LDP)

Following the review of their 360º Profile results, leaders prepare a plan that lays out:

  • Their key insights on their current leadership, drawn from their Profile results, feedback from others, and candid introspection
  • Their vision for themselves as a leader in three years time,
  • One Big Thing” they intend to incorporate into their leadership approach over the next 6-12 months. This is something that will materially change others’ experience of them, and significantly improve the value they add to the organization.
  • One do more/start doing behavior that will help them achieve their “one big thing”
  • One do less/stop doing behavior that is getting in the way of achieving it.

Leaders will use this plan as a roadmap and guide to track their progress in deepening their leadership and strengthening their positive impact on others and on business outcomes.

Leader to Leader™ (L2L)

Leader to Leader™ is delivered to peer learning cohorts of 6 to 8 leaders who meet for a half day every 4-6 weeks to learn new competencies, coach one another, and hold their colleagues accountable for making regular progress on their development goals. Social accountability has proven to be a very effective method to create lasting behavior change.

As part of this process, participating managers create a Leadership Development Plan “L2L”  offers a powerful combination of business issue resolution with accelerated professional and personal development. Each half-day Leader to Leader session:

  • Presents brief training and skill practice around a particular leadership competency** tailored to the both the broader development needs of the organization and the specific needs of the respective cohorts’ participants.
  • Requires each participants to report back to their cohort colleagues
  • Prompts development conversations that tie in key business improvement issues.
  • Is led by a certified Leadership System facilitator/coach.
  • Is normally conducted face-to-face but may be conducted remotely.
  • Cohort members hone their peer coaching skills around a colleague’s real issue or challenge.
  • Quickly fosters trust within the cohort which, in turn, enhances the effectiveness of feedback, coaching and peer support activities participants engage in throughout the program.

(**We work with you to determine how many L2L sessions you would like and which topics to address. For example, you may decide initially on eight sessions and then add further ones as the program unfolds.)

Pulse Surveys™

Feedback on how the leader is being experienced is absolutely essential for making progress against his/her identified development goals and associated behaviors (see Leadership Development Plan, above).

The Leaders invite the creation of an “Accountability Circle” of colleagues who work closely and frequently enough with them to both evaluate and comment on how their behavior-change experiments are working as well as ways they can improve.

Pulse Surveys are short questionnaires, completed on-line every three months, by the leader’s Accountability Circle. The feedback reinforces the leader’s commitment to take ongoing action on his/her leadership development plan.

Leaders bring their periodic survey results to their Leader to Leader cohort sessions for discussion, peer coaching, and accountability for making further improvement.

Leadership Coaching™

One-on-one coaching can be conducted as a parallel process to reinforce the Leader to Leader experience. Whether done for every manager or only select individuals, coaching adds dramatic velocity to the evolution of a leader’s effectiveness.

Authentic Leader™

Authentic Leader is a powerful 2-3 day workshop that takes leaders deeply into the shifts required of them to rise to a new level of individual and collective effectiveness. Optimally, it is conducted with the entire senior leadership organization or the intact top team.

Delivered in conjunction with the Leadership System, it is intended to achieve breakthroughs in the effectiveness of the leadership culture. You can insert it either at the end of the Leader to Leader sessions or at some point part way through.

Retaking the Profile or Culture Survey

Leadership development is a long-term, even life-long, process. Any serious and continuous improvement requires metrics that are monitored frequently and adjustments that are made over time.

You may elect, as part of your Leadership System process, to have participants do another Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) to gauge their progress toward significantly greater effectiveness. Typically, 9-12 months into the Leadership System process is a good time to recalibrate.

Another option is to conduct a Leadership Culture Survey™ (LCS) to assess to what degree staff perception of the prevailing culture fostered by the senior leadership has shifted.

Leadership System – Typical Configurations

Leadership System

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