The Leadership Circle™

“If the problems and challenges we face as leaders are more complex than our internal ‘operating system,’ we will be outmatched, in over our heads.”

(Bob Anderson, Chairman, The Leadership Circle)

We have reviewed and worked with a range of tools and assessments over the years. In the end we chose to anchor our in-depth senior leadership development work in the conceptual model, advanced 360º feedback assessment, and suite of interlocking and reinforcing development components created by The Leadership Circle™.

Why we choose to work with TLC…

  1. It links level of effectiveness to the leader’s stage of adult development…and works on the latter.
  2. Rather than targeting the leader’s outward behavior, it takes a deeper dive into his or her beliefs, assumptions, and habits of thought which determine that behavior.
  3. The process regularly ties back to the leader’s impact on business performance results.
  4. The model is based on solid research and theory around what constitutes leadership effectiveness and its impact on results.
  5. The suite of tools and programs can be configured in flexible ways to meet our client’s needs and level of readiness.

Below are thumbnails of each of these components. Please click on the link of any for which you would like more details.

The Programs

Leadership System™ 

A complete leadership development system that improves business results by improving individual and collective leadership. It offers a custom designed configuration of state-of-the art tools, workshops, and processes to meet your business performance targets.

At the core is a process where peer learning cohorts of 6 to 8 managers meet for a half day every 4-6 weeks to learn new competencies, coach one another, and hold their colleagues accountable for making regular progress on their development goals. Social accountability has proven to be a very effective method to create lasting behavior change.

The Authentic Leader™

This customized 2-3 day workshop engages your senior managers in truly “deep dive” experience. It includes facilitated discussions, exercises, simulations, and personal reflection that deepen insight into their “inner operating systems” as a leader.

Authentic Leader is intended primarily for senior leaders and/or intact senior-level teams. The program will help your team collectively foster and sustain a leadership culture that promotes strong employee engagement, continual innovation and superior results.

The Tools

Leadership Circle (360º) Profile™ (LCP)

Where other 360’s assess only external competencies and behaviors, LCP surfaces the leader’s inner “operating system,” his/her current assumptions, beliefs, and ingrained thinking that underlie behavior and restrain his/her potential effectiveness as a leader.

This is the platform tool that we use to underpin our one-on-one leadership coaching, as well as the highly customized Leadership System approach we use for leader development.

Leadership Culture Survey™ (LCS)

LCS provides a quick, accurate “MRI” of your organization’s leadership culture. It reveals how your people view the current culture, and compares that reality to the optimal culture they desire. The “gap” between the two establishes a compelling rational for change indicates opportunities for leadership development.

Of added value, the survey also presents separately the perceptions of your top leadership team and of the rest of your employee group, or even individual departments or levels.

LCS is a great way to:

  1. Take an initial look at your collective leadership effectiveness before committing to a more comprehensive program.
  2. Build in both your top team and the wider organization a readiness for change and development.

Note: Leadership System™, Authentic Leader™, Leadership Circle Profile™ and Leadership Culture Survey™ were developed and are owned by The Leadership Circle™.

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