Leadership Coaching

The Benefits of Coaching

  • Manager zeroes in on the specific skills and behaviors that are essential to his/her ability to perform.
  • Desired behavior change takes place quickly due to immediate, real time application of learning back on the job.
  • Manager begins to demonstrate improved results quickly.
  • Impact on the team: greater productivity, higher morale, and lower turnover.

What is Leadership Coaching?

Leadership Coaching is a series of periodic one-on-one consultations, in person or by phone, between a manager and his or her coach. The coaching process typically lasts anywhere from three to twelve months depending upon the complexity of the issues or the performance gap to be closed.

Our approach:

  1. Enable the client to see his or her own behavior, from outside himself/herself.
  2. Therefore, we work not just at the skill/behavior level. We also address the client’s assumptions, attitudes, and habits of thought which combine to significantly drive his/her behavior.

Generally–but not always–we begin with administration of the Leadership Circle Profile™ 360º feedback assessment prior to concentrated work with the coach.

Coaching is a focused, “scalpel” strategy for the leadership development of an individual manager. It requires two commitments established right at the beginning:

  1. The individual manager commits to work hard to achieve the agreed-upon outcomes.
  2. The manager’s immediate boss commits to set clear expected outcomes and to support the manager’s efforts.

Between coaching sessions the manager applies newly learned approaches, skills, and behavior at work, and observes the impact. Then, with the aid of the coach, he/she makes adjustments as necessary.

Three Approaches to choose from

Executive Coaching Options1. Full Coaching

Each coaching assignment is unique. Typically, however, we begin by identifying the client’s behavior change objectives, current leadership style and its impact on his or her performance.

This normally includes a 360º feedback assessment plus, on occasion, gathering the perspectives of peers and/or staff through one-on-one interviews by the coach.

Coaching sessions may include any of the following:

  • discussions
  • role playing
  • skill modeling by the coach
  • observing the client in action (e.g. meetings, typical interactions)
  • coach’s feedback
  • challenges to client’s existing perceptions, beliefs and approaches
  • support and encouragement.

2. Support Coaching

This is conducted totally over the phone. Support Coaching is perfect for a mid-level manager or for a senior leader who needs to develop in just a couple of skill or behavior areas.

As well, it serves as a natural follow-on from our Full Coaching process by helping the client over an extended period of time integrate newly acquired skills and approaches into his/her leadership style.

3. Trusted Advisor

This is a flexible, non-structured service intended particularly for executives, senior managers, or business owners. The client can set up a phone call at any time. There is no limit to the number of calls or their duration.

Initiating a discussion and choice of topic lies entirely with the client. The coach will make himself available for a conversation on as short a notice as possible. Typically they address a challenging leadership-related situation or an issue the client wishes to explore and get an outside perspective on.

Where Leadership Coaching makes a difference

1. Performance of a leader is not meeting expectations.

For example: A key individual at a relatively senior level who brings value in the form of strong technical knowledge but whose interpersonal style is limiting his/her working effectively with others.

2. Developing skills for growth in current and future positions.

For example: A strong performer recently promoted, transferred or hired into a new leadership role, one that is stretching his/her talents. Or, preparing an identified “high potential” employee for advancement to into a leadership role.

3. Senior leader seeks a trusted advisor.

For example: A leader who has few, if any, people with whom he (she) can talk candidly about the challenges he faces. What he is looking for is a coach/advisor to consult with on an ad hoc basis around leadership issues that arise.

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