For Senior Leaders


Complexity–The New Leadership Imperative

Whether your organization today reaches locally or globally, you are operating in an environment of escalating complexity. Your senior managers must develop the capacity to lead their teams to achieve enterprise goals in spite of the ambiguity, volatility, and uncertainty all around us. They must confidently make solid decisions in the face of challenges for which frequently there is no clear “right” answer.

Develop in your managers a “leadership operating system” capable of:

  • Handling complex situations with mastery, agility, ease, and speed.
  • Getting more from the teams they lead.
  • Breaking through current limits to the results they can generate.
  • Creating outcomes that matter

And, in the process, give your enterprise an enduring edge over your competition.

Your Leadership Culture

Every employee contributes to the “culture” of an organization but the top levels have a disproportionate impact.

If your senior leaders demonstrate daily the values of high achievement, relationship building, integrity, self-awareness, and systems thinking, it will cascade down throughout the enterprise. Look at better performing organizations and you will find more of these leadership attributes alive and active in the C-Suite.

As you scan your mind over your senior managers, what do you see? Any self-protection, avoiding taking a clear position, over control, going along to get along, arrogance, inability to connect with employees, purely self serving drive?

These “reactive” tendencies are most certainly a drag on the level of results your enterprise can achieve as well as its agility navigating in a complex, ever changing environment.

So, how do you shift your top managers from a problem-reacting leadership approach to one able to create bold, desired outcomes? We have found this calls for both individual and collective solutions.

Three Groupings of Leaders We Work With

  1. Middle to Senior Managers, to determine their current degree of leadership mastery and help move them forward on their journey to the next stage of development and the outcomes they can create.
  2. Top leadership team, to identify the leadership culture they are collectively fostering and then generate a shared commitment to build the team’s capacity to generate significantly greater results.
  3. High potential leaders to instill in them the beliefs and habits of thought of the most effective leaders.

The Leadership Circle™ Suite of tools

Our in-depth senior leadership development work is rooted in the conceptual model, advanced 360º feedback assessment, and integrated suite of interlocking and reinforcing development components created by The Leadership Circle™:

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