Are any of these challenges preventing you from getting the results you want?

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iStock_000009850597Small-200x300Our managers are getting less than they can from their staff.

The most effective leaders consistently generate superior results from those they lead. Take the same people, give them a better boss, and they will be more productive. Furthermore, high quality leadership, once in place, is not easily matched by the competition, providing you an enduring edge of competitiveness and excellence.

We show your managers the assumptions about people and ways of thinking that will coax great performance from their employees. Then we equip them with the fundamental “toolkit” of skills that successful managers need.

Our managers don’t address poor performance quickly enough (or at all, for that matter).

Having a corrective performance related conversation is just about the toughest task a manager is called upon to perform. Yet most managers lack the skills and self-confidence to deliver the feedback needed to turn a poor or marginal performer around. But take action on a poor performer and instantly you demonstrate that management means it when they talk about “excellence,” “quality” and “high performance.” At the same time, your action heartens your good performers and gets the attention of any other marginal employees.

We teach your managers proven verbal approaches and strategies to engage with so called “difficult” employees with an assertive tone and an assured manner. Having the skills and understanding the emotions in play, managers will be much more inclined to move on even the weakest of performers.

Our employees could be more engaged and motivated to work hard.

Fear in an uncertain economy can lower employees’ morale, output, and quality of work. In addition, boredom, burnout, and even approaching retirement can sap a worker’s will to do a good job. Skills alone will not ensure superior job performance. Employees must also possess the desire to achieve strong results. Managers can influence this.

We make your managers aware of the wide range of possible motivators behind employee’s performance. Then we show how to get employees to determine what motivates (or could motivate) them in their and career. The big “aha” for the manager is that if your employee doesn’t know what he/she wants, you can’t do much to help him/her feel engaged in the job.

Our employees don’t take enough personal accountability for their performance, motivation, and job satisfaction.

We operate in a short-term, fast-moving, problem-responding work environment. Your management group can no longer afford the time to be making lower level decisions and constantly checking up on staff’s performance. You must be able to count on employees’ personal commitment to call the shots at their level and meet their job performance goals.

We teach your managers how to establish high expectations while, at the same time, prompting their employees to make decisions more independently and proactively solve problems that come up in their work. Managers also learn how to coach a more accountable mindset in their staff.

We lack enough people ready to move into senior leadership roles.

Leadership pipeline strategies typically expose employees with strong growth potential to a variety of functional roles and geographic locations, ultimately leading to positions of broader responsibility and greater complexity.

We do more than teach leadership skills. We instill in your managers a deep awareness of not only their current style but, even more importantly, their assumptions and habits of thought that determine how they actually lead others. We then help them solicit feedback and confront patterns of behavior that are preventing them from achieving their full potential as a leader.

Teams we create can accomplish more than most typically do.

Most teams are so obsessed with getting things done that they devote no time to the question of HOW they can be more effective in getting those things done. Unresolved conflict, lack of trust, meetings that drone on, inability to make decisions, and lack of accountability and commitment will cripple any group from maximizing its contribution to the enterprise. This is especially true of limited life teams like project teams.

We help teams make better decisions and produce higher quality work–faster! Through a combination of customized team skills training, team tools, and facilitated team building, they identify and then optimize their human dynamics and work/decision processes.

Negativity and complacency are handicapping our results.

Nothing can sap employee productivity and energy more than people who consistently make negative, blaming comments. Nothing can kill morale faster. A negative work environment will never support the high performance you expect.

We show managers how to approach negative staff members and get them to transform their focus from blaming and “what’s wrong” to problem solving and “what’s possible.” If done well and with respect, the employee will never be aware of the gradual shift in the way he/she relates to others in the department.

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