Triple Focus Blend of Services

Fulcrum Associates - Leadership Training and Development, Team BuildingOver the last 24 years we have been exposed to and involved in working with a wide range of assessments, learning models, research, and practical approaches to help managers be effective leaders and draw the best from their employees.

I am thrilled to tell you that things have recently crystallized for us around a unique combination of services (i.e. no one else offers this blend) to meet the needs of your organization or team. These services fall into three areas and I would like–very briefly–to share them with you.

1. Micro Leadership

How do you get great results from your people and teams? Ultimately, it depends on how well each manager leads at the “micro” level–in that interpersonal space between the manager and his/her individual employees. We teach managers to do this well.

2. Meeting Conveners and Planners

We Speak to Managers. Whether yours is an association-conference with plenary and breakout sessions or a meeting of managers within one organization.

3. Senior Leader Development

Ambiguity, uncertainty, volatility, change. If your leaders struggle reactively to navigate through the escalating complexity of today’s environment, you will be outmatched. Master the outcome-creating beliefs and habits of thought that will give your enterprise an enduring edge.

Our new tag line which you will increasingly see on our collateral is:

“Micro Leadership Macro Results”

We will have our revised web site up shortly and in my next update I will be inviting you to stop by there for a visit.

Ian CookBest wishes,

Ian Cook


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KICK-STARTING YOUR TEAM. Do you have a new “limited life” project team, a cross-functional/matrix group, or a task force, just starting out? These groups have high demands placed on them to produce results–quickly! They benefit immensely from a front-end team building session to fast track them to performance.In just one day your team sorts out the human dynamics fundamentals that determine its ultimate success. As a special feature we include the team process tool, the Teamwork Palette®, so your team can sustain its effectiveness as it progresses toward its objectives.But what if you just want to put new life into the permanent team you lead? We can “kick start” that team too.Click here to find out more.Call us to discuss a customized Kick-Starting event.


Ian Cook, MILR, CSP, is a presenter, facilitator and executive coach. He works with managers who want to increase their effectiveness as a leader and build a stronger team. To book Ian for a training seminar, team facilitation or keynote presentation, call toll-free at: 1-888-FULCRUM (385-2786) or e-mail: Ian Cook.