Terra Nova with Sunkist Growers

We recently had the pleasure of delivering one of our powerful experiential learning programs, Terra Nova, to the Sales and Marketing Division of our long-time client, Sunkist Growers. To lead this simulation event we brought in one of our associates, Mitch Fairrais and his team from his firm, On The Mark.

The goal of the session was to support a more collaborative approach for the several key parts of the delivery process and, in the process, build a sense of team. Mitch & co. did a tremendous job, keeping 60 professionals fully engaged all afternoon on a Friday! I participated in the simulation in a support role. It was terrific to feel the energy and enthusiasm rise as the participants began to see how much greater results they could produce in the event when they shifted their work culture to one of listening and going for win-win.

Departing from the lovely venue on the California coast I was heartened by the comments of the meeting convener, Kevin Fiore, Sunkist’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing:

“We invited Fulcrum Associates to participate in our 2010 annual sales meeting.  Their team building exercise, Terra Nova, was one of the highlights of the meeting.  The exercise was entertaining, instructional and reinforced the fact that cross functional teamwork is the key to the sustained success of any great organization.”

Check out Terra Nova. It is featured in our Spotlight Offering in this month’s newsletter.

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Ian Cook


Terra Nova In the Spotlight this Month

This month we turn our spotlight on Terra Nova. This is a simulation that helps your group experience, first hand, what it’s like to create, and then succeed in, a culture of execution and shared goals. Different from traditional classroom training, experiential learning events like Terra Nova enable people to learn, first-hand and vividly, how they can be more effective working with others for greater results. The facilitator-led debrief that accompanies the experience helps participants apply their personal insights back to their regular job.

Do check out Terra Nova, Click Here


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