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Fulcrum Associates - Leadership Training and Development, Team BuildingIt’s not very often that Fulcrum takes on a new program or service and partners with a new associate. This month we are.

I am pleased to introduce our new associate, Josef Martens. Josef will be facilitating a brand new offering called Team Mapping. We are featuring it in our “In the Spotlight this Month”, below.

Josef brings to our clients a seasoned expertise in modeling business problems and processes using a scientific and analytical approach that can be customized to the client’s particular environment and needs.

What excites me is that–at last–we are able to offer a way to take the so called “soft” element of teams and teamwork and enhance their success using empirical data and mathematical simulations. This in no way, of course, replaces the human element that is central to teams. It just complements it.

Josef calls his unique approach “putting science behind your team’s success.”I hope this piques your curiosity sufficiently to want to find out more about it.


Ian CookBest wishes,

Ian Cook


Team Mapping In the Spotlight this Month

TEAM MAPPING is an easy way, using analytical and business modeling tools, to quantify the impact of your teams and plan for a high return on your investment in their effectiveness.

Team Mapping provides you with an in-depth analysis of teams and teaming across your organization. You receive a roadmap to optimal team performance. This comes in the form of a model (diagram) that maps out (1) all the significant forces–and their magnitude–that influence your team(s) and (2) the value your teams add to your operation.

With your team performance roadmap we will be able to forecast for you the impact of various strategies and investment scenarios (e.g. team training, development of team leaders, better hiring, use of technology) on the level of results your teams deliver. This will equip you for making sound strategic decisions around team development.

Click here to check it out. Then give us a call to set it up.


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