“Sharpening My Saw” through a TEC/Vistage Presentation

I presented to a TEC group* recently. I haven’t done one for a couple of years. The presentation was entitled, “It’s Time to Upgrade Your Leadership Team’s ‘Operating System’ Potential.”

(*TEC and Vistage are organizations that offer monthly small group meetings for CEO’s and business owners. Typical meetings have speakers present on a business related topic in the morning. The group then goes into a closed session in the afternoon, discussing real business problems group members bring to the table.)

I had forgotten how much I enjoy these particular assignments. Now, great business opportunities seldom come from them and they usually involve out-of-town travel time. But I like them for two reasons, involving what they do for me and what I can do for their members:

  1. First of all, they really keep me sharp, keep me “on my game” as a presenter. In the room are a group of entrepreneurs and C-suite leaders who are bright, demanding, and ready to challenge you. They demand an excellent, thought-provoking session that brings out practical ideas that they can apply immediately back in the company they lead.
  2. They have come to learn and get better leading their businesses.Investing a day of their valuable time, these executives really want to learn and hence are open to new ideas, approaches, and techniques. They, by and large, are motivated to apply the best of these. This provides me with a privileged opportunity to have a concrete impact on 10-14 businesses and the people who work there.

When I am challenged or don’t have a good answer, it pinches a bit. But that’s what learning and growth is all about. Hey, I challenge my coaching clients. They feel the pinch. Why not me too?

Ian CookBest wishes,

Ian Cook



Terra Nova In the Spotlight this Month

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This workshop serves as a great companion program to any management training you do because you are addressing this vital issue of accountability from both ends of the relationship–the boss and the employee.

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Ian Cook, MILR, CSP, is a presenter, facilitator and executive coach. He works with managers who want to increase their effectiveness as a leader and build a stronger team. To book Ian for a training seminar, team facilitation or keynote presentation, call toll-free at: 1-888-FULCRUM (385-2786) or e-mail: Ian Cook.