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Fulcrum Associates - Leadership Training and Development, Team BuildingIan’s New Book – Now Available

Would They Call You Their Best Boss EverIn the May Fulcrum Update I announced that my book was coming. Now I get to announce that it has arrived. It’s entitled:

Would They Call You Their Best Boss Ever?:

Practical Tips and Insights for the Successful Manager.

I have done my best to assemble highly useful information and present it in short, easy-to-read chunks, perfect for today’s busy managers. The 132 pieces in the book include (1) practical techniques, (2) thought provoking ideas, and (3) gems from recent research.

Here are the topics it covers:

  • Building the Leadership Impact of Managers
  • Having the Tough Performance-Related Conversations
  • Creating a Motivating Work Environment
  • Fostering a Culture of Accountability
  • Developing Leadership Talent
  • Leading High Performance Teams
  • Communicating Effectively…in Every Direction
  • Individual Development
  • Employee Engagement
  • General Management

The early response from people who have it in hand has been very positive. To find out more about what is in the book and to order your copy, click here:

Would They Call You Their Best Boss Ever?

And when you have had a chance to skim through the book and dive into some of the articles, I would love to hear your reaction.

Ian CookBest wishes,

Ian Cook


Terra Nova In the Spotlight this Month

ADVANCED COMMUNICATIONS – DIALOGUE. The philosopher David Hume said, “Truth springs from arguments among friends.” To fit this to where you work, replace the word “arguments” with different points of view, perspectives, approaches, solutions, etc.Organizations today face complex challenges, both external and internal. True dialogue is really the only way to deal with them effectively. The broader perspectives that dialogue taps into results in a more accurate definition of a problem, better decisions, more innovative strategies, and stronger buy-in from a wide range of stakeholders.

This workshop reveals how two people or a group can express, honor and examine different perspectives around a problem without the parties feeling they have given in on their original positions. Participants return to work understanding that their “truth” about a job related issue is not usually the entire truth…and that other people’s points of view are valuable and need to be considered.

Click here  if you want to check it out. Call us to discuss customizing a workshop that will have your people communicating at a significantly more productive level.



Ian Cook, MILR, CSP, is a presenter, facilitator and executive coach. He works with managers who want to increase their effectiveness as a leader and build a stronger team. To book Ian for a training seminar, team facilitation or keynote presentation, call toll-free at: 1-888-FULCRUM (385-2786) or e-mail: Ian Cook.