Executive and Leadership Coaching

There are many ways to do Executive and Leadership Coaching. Some coaches conduct sessions exclusively over the phone, some do it in person, and some a mix of the two. I favor the latter, a blend of in-person and on the phone.

We just recently distilled the ways that we offer coaching down to three options. You will see them outlined below in the Spotlight section.

Why is face-to-face so important, at least for leadership coaching? Because leadership is a people/relationship activity and, while some managers do lead virtual teams, the vast majority still meet in-person with their staff. So, how they come across live, in person, is critical to their effectiveness.

I find that I make faster and greater progress when I can work with the whole person–voice, body language, words–at least once per month. When I personally experience the full presence of my client, I have a much better feel for how he/she comes across to those he/she leads. Furthermore, I can have my client try out (with me, first) different interaction approaches and share immediate feedback with him on their impact.

This prepares the client to try out a new approach (“homework”) back at work. For this, weekly phone calls are the most cost-effective way to debrief the outcome and keep the client’s feet to the fire.

Probably due to my background in Gestalt theory and methodology, I find working with what comes up–in the moment with the person in the room–creates deeper, more long-lasting learning.