Scott Campbell


Scott, President of Personalities at Work, is a co-designer and co-presenter with Ian Cook for our two premier leadership development programs,

The Skillful Leader

The Authentic Leader

In addition, Fulcrum and Personalities At Work jointly own the leadership initiative for these two programs, Leadership: The Enduring Edge


Scott is an accomplished speaker, trainer, and author. He is the President of the Toronto-based training firm, Personalities At Work. His enthusiastic, humorous, and high-energy style, matched by his commitment to thought-provoking, current information and concrete applications, have made him a much-in-demand conference speaker.

In addition to being an author and keynote speaker, Scott is also a master trainer. His ability to customize training to the specific needs of clients and to provide engaging learning activities and insightful performance feedback together create powerful learning experiences for participants.

Scott is the author of:

5D Leadership: Key Dimensions for Leading in the Real World (with Ellen Samiec)

Education and Professional Affiliations:

  • Masters in Organizational Leadership, Tyndale College
  • Interstrength™ Self-Discovery Process–Qualifying Instructor for Interstrength Associates
  • Personality Dimensions®–Level III Master Trainer
  • Certified in The Leadership Circle Profile ™ and The Leadership Culture Survey™
  • Qualified FIRO-B® Facilitator
  • Certified EQ-i® Facilitator
  • Certified Situational Leadership® Facilitator
  • Certified Majors Personality Type Indicator® Facilitator
  • Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Facilitator
  • Member, Ontario Association for the Application of Personality Type
  • Member, Association of Psychological Type International