Russ Hanson


Partnering Facilitation

Used typically with large scale construction projects, this process has been proven to foster collaboration, trust and respect, speedy resolution of issues and measurable results for all stake holders.

Business Process Improvement

With today’s work organized around processes and systems (vs. around individual tasks and functions), BPI is a methodology for examining your existing process(es) and designing a more effective approach to meet your business or organizational goals.


Russ Hanson is president of TransTech, an Arizona-based organization development consulting firm. He specializes in the areas of design and implementation of high performance work teams, business process improvement, Total Quality Management, Partnering, employee involvement processes, and the management of new technology introduction.

While employed by Honeywell, Russ helped pioneer the design and development of the Total Employee Involvement process, a team-based system that resulted in a 330% productivity improvement, 54% reduction in product cost, and a 94% reduction in scrap during its first year of operation.

He is an instructor of many quality improvement courses, including Process Mapping and Analysis, Cycle Time Management, Statistical Process Control, Design of Experiments, Problem Solving Skills and Design for Manufacturability.

For over a decade Russ has been working with corporations and government agencies to design and facilitate Partnering Workshops. Partnering is the process of establishing mutually beneficial relationships among the key stakeholders of a project through team-building, shared goals and an agreement for resolving issues based upon trust and respect. Partnered projects are being completed ahead of schedule, under budget and with no litigation, claims or unresolved disputes. He also helps establish supplier/customer and even inter-department partnering relationships in a wide variety of organizations.

Russ is the author of:

Corporate Madness: How to Change the System When the System Refuses to Change (with William D. Stinnett)

“I have known Russ for twenty years and have had the opportunity to work with him on a number of occasions. He is one of the most skilled organizational development practitioners, facilitators and managers of group process I have known. He is personable, thorough and always focused on the client’s needs and does an exceptional job of pre-planning to affect positive change with people and groups he works with. I recommend Russ without reservation and am confident he will continue to be valued and appreciated by all his clients past, present and future.”

Stephen Clarke, M.A., P.C.C., President of Employee Involvement Systems

Education and Professional Affiliations:

  • B.S. in Industrial and Management Engineering, Montana State University
  • M.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering, Arizona State University
  • Certified to facilitate both low and high-ropes team building programs