Why We Chose The Name “Fulcrum”

The term comes from physics. A “fulcrum” is a rigid object that is used in conjunction with a lever to multiply the mechanical force that can be applied to another object. This gives you leverage. Common examples of a fulcrum + lever are:

  • Seesaw/teeter-totter
  • Catapult
  • Curved end of a crowbar when you extract a nail
  • An oarlock

The fulcrum may be at the center point of the lever, as with a seesaw, or at any point between where you are pushing and the object you are moving.

We we called ourselves Fulcrum

The term leverage is also used in the world of finance. If you borrow some money and invest it in your own business or in a stock and you reap a financial return that is greater than the loan plus interest, you have leveraged that loan.

We apply this same investment image to gaining leverage on your investment in your employees. You invest in an employee’s salary, benefits and other costs related to having that individual in your employ. If the value of this employee’s output (performance) is greater than the amount you invested in them, you have gained leverage on your investment in the individual. And, of course, the more productive they are the greater the leverage on your investment.

The key to  leveraging your investment in people is to build the capacity of:

  1. Your managers and
  2. Your teams

Research clearly shows that the more skilled and effective your managers are as leaders, the more productive their staff will be. Likewise, the more effectively and smoothly your teams function, the greater the quality and quantity of their output. In both cases, the leverage on your investment increases.

Gaining maximum leverage on your investment in people is to invest in your managers and teams

Your managers and teams are your fulcrums! Just as in physics you shift the fulcrum along the lever to move an object, effectiveness of your managers and your teams is like moving the fulcrum. It will result in your people performing at a higher level.

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