About Us

Fulcrum Associates Inc. is a leadership development firm dedicated to helping our clients leverage the talents of their managers and teams.

Fulcrum Associates offers training workshops, facilitation services, keynote presentations, and executive coaching that help managers generate consistently high performance by (1) fostering commitment and accountability in their employees and (2) building productive teams.

Our clients include organizations from the corporate, public, and not-for-profit sectors, as well as associations. They know Fulcrum for programs that:

  • Present cutting edge concepts and practical techniques,
  • Apply interactive adult learning approaches and
  • Energize people to deliver superior results

Fulcrum Associates Inc. was founded in 1988. We are a continental firm, headquartered in Northern Virginia, with an operation in Toronto. For projects large or small we are able to draw on the talents of a select number of highly professional associates, each heading a successful independent practice, who deliver programs tailored for today’s organizations.

Our Guiding Beliefs about Leadership

The GREATEST single untapped potential leverage point for higher performance is the MANAGER. While employees bear the bulk of the responsibility for finding job satisfaction and contributing to results, managers can adopt proven leadership approaches to create an environment where their people will choose to excel.

The NEXT GREATEST untapped potential leverage point for higher performance is the TEAM. Issues we face at work have become increasingly complex. Seldom any more does one individual have the best solution. Increasingly superior performance depends upon the collective effort of individuals in teams: departmental leadership teams, self-directed work teams, cross-functional teams, virtual (long-distance) teams, and limited life project teams.

It is the so-called “soft” skills that drive “hard” results…at all levels. It is interpersonal and intrapersonal competence that differentiates the best leaders and the best teams from the rest. And at the individual contributor level the strongest organizations are sustained by people who take personal accountability for their goals, habits, attitudes and performance.

The Principals:

Ian Cook, CSP

Linda Cook

Our Associates:

Fulcrum Associates is privileged to be able to offer the services of several seasoned professional associates who enrich our offerings to our clients. Each of these accomplished individuals delivers programs in his respective areas of expertise, all relating to the challenges for managers of becoming more effective leaders and building stronger teams

Russ Hanson

Partnering Facilitation
Business Process Improvement

Rick Maurer

Leading Change Without Migraines
Change Without Migraines Consulting

Brian Hayman

Getting in the Groove

Sonia Aranza

Cross-Cultural Environment
Diverse Workforce

Mitch Fairrais

Terra Nova

Josef Martens

Team Mapping

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