20 Reasons to Hire Fulcrum

1. Experience

Since 1988 we have served over 250 clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors and the association market. We are comfortable working at all levels in organizations, from the executive team to the individual contributor. We have presented to groups from actuaries and accountants to IT service providers, from roads supervisors to health professionals, from government bureaucrats to small business entrepreneurs. Our client list says it all!

2. Seasoned Professionals

Fulcrum’s associates are carefully selected based on their experience in the speaking business and expertise in their subject areas. Each heads his or her own successful independent practice and delivers powerful programs tailored for today’s organizations. Each continues to engage in his or her own professional development and keep abreast of new knowledge about management and organizational life.

3. Engaging Speaking Style

Many speakers and trainers possess valuable information but aren’t able to keep an audience awake long enough to receive it. Our presenters bring a strong platform presence that both inspires your participants and challenges them to think about the material and how it applies to them.

4. Client Delight

We are frequently asked back to do further work, in some cases lasting several years. Our presenters consistently score 4’s and 5’s out of 5 on session feedback ratings. References will gladly be provided. Please take a look at some testimonials that satisfied clients have given us.

5. Customized Service

While over time we have developed and refined core training programs that work well for our clients, we always confer with you first to come up with a design and approach that will meet your particular objectives. Where necessary, we develop entirely new modules or customize current ones so as to reflect your work environment, terminology, etc.

6. Up Front Analysis

Experience has taught us that every client is unique. Therefore, we always meet with your key representatives to determine the behavioral objectives and business results you seek in order to make your management development investment pay off. Sometimes, to expand the diagnostic process, we may want to interview a sampling of your managers or survey them (and maybe even their employees) via an exclusive page set up for your organization on our web site.

7. Easy to Work With

We are known by our clients as a reliable partner. We collaborate closely with you in planning your learning strategy, delivering our services and handling administrivia and logistics. Our goal is to ensure that you have a smooth experience at your end of the relationship.

8. Flexible and Adaptable

Situations may change for you during the course of a management development assignment. We will make the needed adjustments to satisfy your new needs. An even better training approach may be indicated as we work with your people. We will make the necessary adjustments in design, delivery and dates.

9. Partner with Your In-House Resources

At Fulcrum we design all development programs in such a way that, where you can save money by using in-house staff (e.g. managers, training department), this is built in. This way you receive a maximum return on your investment in external expertise.

10. You “Drive the Bus”

As the content and process experts, we obviously have a lot to suggest about the design of your program and the material to be presented, based on your desired outcomes. At every stage, however, even in team building initiatives, you decide how much to cover, how quickly to cover it and what changes you want along the way.

11. We Make You Look Good

We understand that when you decide to hire Fulcrum Associates, your reputation is riding on the quality and success of our delivery. We do not take this responsibility lightly. Furthermore, in our involvement with others in your organization, we draw attention to the role you are playing and the value you are contributing to the process.

12. We Go Deeper

Many training providers offer a list of six things you can do, for example, to deliver corrective feedback, and leave it at that. But a list of to-do’s is not enough when you are shifting interpersonal behavior. Your people need to become aware of the assumptions, perceptions and resulting intentions that determine both the decisions they make and how they behave. We understand this. We work with that deeper “operating system” in our sessions.

13. Leveraging What Comes Up in Class

Often the richest opportunity for learning in class comes when a participant manager, right in the middle of the presentation, raises a real-life issue he or she is facing with an employee at work. Our presenter may invite the participant to engage in an on-the-spot role play where he/she plays their employee and we play the manager. As we demonstrate an effective way to respond, the rest of the room typically observes with keen interest. People often tell us that this skill modeling generated their most powerful learning from the program.

14. Practical skills/Concrete results

Underlying theory is important–it helps your people understand why certain skills are essential–and we always cover this to some degree. That said, our programs are all designed to have your people leave with practical skills and techniques that they can put into practice immediately, as soon as they return to the workplace.

15. Variety of Learning Modes

People, especially adults, don’t like to be lectured to at great length. Besides, different people learn in different ways. All of Fulcrum’s programs offer a mix of delivery modes. These include standard presentations, small group discussions, case problems to solve, “panels of experts” (from the attendees), interactive role plays, videos that portray well executed skills, and analyzing actual situations from their work.

16. Skill practice

Especially with leadership and communications, the best way to learn and internalize skills is to try them out. So, we include in our sessions a segment where your participants, typically working in trios, practice a skill or technique and receive instant feedback from colleagues on what they did well and where they could do it even better. In the meantime, our facilitator moves around the room, lending a coaching tip here and there.

17. Reinforcing Skills Back on the Job

When you invest in training for your people, your payback doesn’t come unless they apply what they have learned back at work. We offer a number of ways to keep the learning alive: specific commitments made by participants to apply skills, scheduled meetings with their boss, monthly follow-up e-mail reminder tips, in-house small-group tutorials, periodic reviews we write of cutting edge management books, and an open invitation to contact the presenter at any time with questions.

“Knowledge is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”
– Goethe

18. Instruments & Tools

Where they can add value, we enrich your training with proprietary assessments (e.g. Leadership Circle Profile™, The Leadership System™,  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, Situational Leadership©), workshops (e.g. The Authentic Leader, Managing Organization Transition) and tools (e.g. The Teamwork Palette®).

19. Learning Simulation Events

Fulcrum offers several highly engaging, half-day events that provide your participants with a vivid, high energy, interactive experience. Then, through a facilitated debrief, they learn more about their “default” leadership style and explore new ways to manage their people and build a more productive unit. These events can be delivered as a stand-alone session or can be integrated into your management development curriculum.

20. We Play Only to our Strengths

Fulcrum Associates specializes in the areas of leadership development and team-building. Our associates offer programs that relate directly to these two areas. If you have needs in other areas (e.g. Customer Service), we will gladly refer you a solid resource from within our network of professional colleagues.

And because we always like to under-promise and over-deliver, here’s one more reason why you should choose us:

21. Our guarantee – if you’re not satisfied, we won’t bill you.

That about says it all! We will certainly want to know what was missing on our end and how we might make it right. The bottom line, however, is you must feel you have received fair value for the investment you have made.


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