15 Reasons to Hire Fulcrum

1. Experience

Since 1988 we have served over 250 clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors and the association market. We are comfortable working at all levels in organizations, from the executive team to the individual contributor. We have worked with organizations from actuaries and accountants to IT service providers, from roads supervisors to health professionals, from government bureaucrats to small business entrepreneurs. Our client list says it all!

2. Seasoned Professionals

Our Principal and any associates we bring in on an assignment are experienced coaches and facilitators. Each heads his or her own successful independent practice and delivers powerful programs tailored for today’s organizations. Each continues to engage in his or her own professional development and keep abreast of new knowledge about management and organizational life.

3. Engaging Speaking Style

Many speakers and trainers possess valuable information but aren’t able to keep an audience awake long enough to receive it. Our presenters bring a strong platform presence that both inspires your participants and challenges them to think about the material and how it applies to them.

4. Client Delight

We are frequently asked back to do further work, in some cases lasting several years. Our presenters consistently score very high on session feedback ratings.

5. Customized Service

While over time we have developed and refined programs and methodologies that work well for our clients, we always confer with you first to come up with a design and approach that will meet your particular objectives.

6. Up Front Analysis

Experience has taught us that every client is unique. Therefore, we always meet with your key representatives to determine the behavioral objectives and business results you seek in order to make your management development investment pay off. Occasionally, if needed, we may want to interview at least a sampling of the participants directly.

7. Easy to Work With

We are known by our clients as a reliable partner. We collaborate closely with you in planning your learning strategy, delivering our services and handling administrivia and logistics. Our goal is to ensure that you have a smooth experience at your end of the relationship.

8. Flexible and Adaptable

Situations may change for you during the course of an assignment. We will make the needed adjustments, in consultation with you, to satisfy your new needs.

9. Partner with Your In-House Resources

Where possible, we build in the involvement of your in-house staff resources (e.g. managers, learning specialists, facilitators, coaches). This way you leverage your investment in outside expertise for maximum outcomes.

10. You “Drive the Bus”

s the content and process experts, we obviously have a lot to suggest around the design of your program, based on your desired outcomes. At every stage, however, you decide how much to address, how quickly to move forward, and what, if any, adjustments you want along the way.

11. We Make You Look Good

We understand that when you decide to hire Fulcrum Associates, your reputation is riding on the quality and success of our work. We do not take this responsibility lightly. Furthermore, in our involvement with others in your organization, we draw attention to the role you are playing and the value you are contributing to the process.

12. We Go Deeper

It’s one thing to offer, say, a six steps you can take to deliver corrective feedback. But a list of to-do’s is not enough when you are shifting behavior. Your managers need to become aware of the assumptions, perceptions and resulting intentions that determine both the decisions they make and how they act. We understand this. We work with that deeper “operating system” to foster permanent, more effective leadership behavior.

13. Instruments & Tools

Where they can add value, we enrich the development experience with proprietary assessments (e.g. Leadership Circle Profile™, The Leadership System™), workshops (e.g. The Authentic Leader™), and tools (e.g. The Teamwork Palette®).

14. We Play Only to our Strengths

Fulcrum Associates specializes in the areas of leadership development and team-building. If you have needs in other areas (e.g. Customer Service), we will gladly refer you a solid resource from within our network of professional colleagues.

And because we always like to under-promise and over-deliver, here’s one more reason why you should choose us…

15. Our guarantee – if you’re not satisfied, we won’t bill you.

That about says it all! We will certainly want to know what was missing on our end and how we might make it right. The bottom line, however, is you must feel you have received fair value for the investment you have made.

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