Link Your Training to What the Business Needs

I am amazed at how the training strategy in so many organizations is no more than a catalogue of training courses from which people across the enterprise can pick. In some cases courses are linked to specific competencies and stated corporate priorities but, in fact, more often they are not. Why is this so commonplace? Three possible reasons immediately jump to mind: HR goes to line leadership and solicits the critical skills required to support the strategic direction. But the line side … [Read more...]

Let’s Tackle the Skills Gap at 3 Levels

We are hearing so often these days that there are tons of well-paying jobs for which companies simply can't find qualified people. Of course, skilling up alone won't solve the unemployment and underemployment problems we face. But we do need to skill up as an adult population. I think we all have a part to play, at three levels at the same time: At the national/macro level. This is the realm of public policy around economics, education and the accommodation of technology changes. At the … [Read more...]

Keep (Career) Development on the Table

In the hurly burly of meeting deadlines, doing more with less, and achieving performance goals, it is easy to forget to keep up the dialogue with each of your staff about: How they are doing vis-à-vis their performance How they are doing vis-à-vis their well-being Their continuing development and growth And, if  we do manage to carve out the time to talk about any of the above, it's usually about performance. Heck, we can leave the "softer stuff" for year-end performance review … [Read more...]