The “Tyranny of the Immediate” Tyrannizes Leaders Most of All

You've probably had a time and priority management course somewhere along the way. Or, maybe you've read a book about it. You learned about how often the less important tasks take up too much of our time, to the detriment of our not tackling the more significant areas of our job duties. There's a reason for this. The less important tasks are usually easier and take less time. In addition, we get to enjoy the repeated satisfaction of checking things off our to-do list. And we look back over our … [Read more...]

What’s the Real Reason You Work Those Extra Hours?

Ever notice? When you ask someone how they're doing, they rarely say "fine." No, just about everybody says "busy." Yeah, we're so busy that we have to work all those extra hours–come in early, or work through lunch, or stay late, or pull a Saturday and/or a Sunday…or all of the above. Now, I'm not averse to high performing people working long hours. Often the reality is that there is no way you can get everything you need to do done. Too many mandatory meetings. Too frequent interruptions … [Read more...]