A High Risk Strategy…Build Your Top Leaders

The Wall Street Journal recently had an intriguing article, entitled "How to Keep Your Best Executives." In it the authors report on research that says executives are attracted by three particular opportunities, all of which serve to build up their marketability in the job market. These are the opportunity to: Take on greater responsibility Broaden their skills Cultivate a network of influential relationships What intrigued me about this is the ironic contrast between how a company … [Read more...]

10 Truths about Performance Management

Leadership expert Dan McCarthy recently posted on his blog ten questions–and answers–drawn from the book 100 Things You Need to Know: Best People Practices for Managers & HR. They are well worth checking out on his Great Leadership blog. These 10 items bust a few myths that managers and yes, practitioners like me, have been known to proclaim as research-based facts. Rather than commenting on them here, I'll let them speak to you for themselves. … [Read more...]

Book Review – Maximum Success: Changing the 12 Behavior Patterns that Keep You From Getting Ahead

By James Waldroop & Timothy Butler Currency/Doubleday, 2000 ISBN #0-385-49849-7 Why do talented people fail or fall short of their potential? Most managers have felt this question bubble up as they thought about certain people in their unit. "Wendy has such promise. She's got the gray matter, the charm, the education. But she just withers away when dealing with the executive team." "Derek has phenomenal persistence and drive. He lets nothing stand between him and what he wants. … [Read more...]

Book Review – First, Break All The Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently

By Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman Simon & Schuster, 1999 ISBN #0-684-85286-1 Can you really "develop" your people? And just what is it you want to develop anyway? Do you want them to learn a few new techniques or approaches (what Buckingham and Coffman call skills)? Or perhaps what they need is more information about your product line or industry (knowledge Or, does what stops them from contributing more lie deeper within the employee? An inappropriate attitude? A lack of … [Read more...]

Book Review – Working With Emotional Intelligence

By Daniel Goleman Bantam Books, 2000 ISBN #0-553-37858-9 What are the ingredients that make up superior performers in our organizations? Must they be intelligent? know their stuff? have unyielding drive? be likeable? Recent research indicates grey matter and technical/job knowledge are but threshold competencies. What differentiates the "stars" are the personal qualities, the so-called "soft skills." It appears that Antoine de St.-Exupéry perhaps got it right in The Little Prince when he … [Read more...]

Attend to the Pipeline

Despite the bump (yes, in the long term, it's a bump) of the current recession, we are still facing the demographic truth that a lot of boomers will be retiring from the active workforce over the next decade. As enterprises across the planet begin to grow again and the excess of unemployed and underemployed workers has been absorbed, we will be back facing a shortage of talented people. Therefore, in order to put in place the quality and quantity of leaders you will require to expand in this … [Read more...]