Time to Check for Blinders, Manager

I recently read an article by Ezra Klein that made a strong case for not raising the age of eligibility for social security. In the U.S. it is going from 65 to 67. I have always assumed–without a lot of thought, I might add–that raising the retirement age was a no brainer way to reduce the funding strain on government, especially to cover us baby boomers now massively arriving at our golden age. Hey, we are living much longer. Why not extend the period of years that we have to be gainfully … [Read more...]

Cultural Neuroscience – The Brain in Action Again

Not surprisingly, although I had never heard about it before, there is a branch of brain research that studies: How cultural traits to which we are exposed impact our brains How our brain and its processes impact the emergence and transmission of cultural traits Newsweek had an interesting short article by Sharon Begley that offers just a glimpse into this field. She recounts a study comparing how, for Chinese and Westerners, the medial prefrontal cortex (a section of the brain) swings … [Read more...]