We’ll Never Really "Solve" Organizational Life

In his newly revised book on change, Beyond the Wall of Resistance, my colleague Rick Maurer includes an interview with author/consultant Geoffrey Bellman. Bellman's response contains some wisdom that helps us all understand the truth about thriving in organizations (and, for that matter, in life). At the base of it all, we're all a bunch of naked human beings. Down underneath it all, in the game we never talk about–the primary game–we're all down there reaching, grasping, clinging, lifting, … [Read more...]

Coaching vs. Mentoring

Whatever your field and whether you are a manager or individual contributor, you can benefit greatly from feedback and advice as you navigate the currents and shoals of your career. As I look back over my own journey through the world of work, the times when my career was most stagnating was when I was into myself and not challenged by any input from anyone. How about you? Do you have access in your life to a trusted advisor? When was the last time you challenged yourself to grow and become … [Read more...]