Book Review – When Generations Collide: Who they are. Why they clash. How to Solve the Generational Puzzle at Work.

By Lynne C. Lancaster & David Stillman Harper Business, 2002 ISBN #0-06-662106-2 This is the first time in history that we have four distinct generations operating together in the workplace. Though they tend not to live together or play together or hang out together, they are forced to convene in offices and plants and be productive together. How well do these differing age groups understand one another? "Not well enough" suggest the authors of this book, partners in a consulting firm … [Read more...]

The Fear Factor

The Washington Post in a recent article posed a leadership related question: Successful leaders are admired, respected and trusted, but isn't the dirty little secret that they also need to be feared?…Is President Obama too much carrot and not enough stick? A panel of 20 experts in leadership from politics, the military and business were invited to comment. You can read their responses in the context of Obama trying to move Congress around a health care initiative. The piece brought to mind for … [Read more...]

How Should We Help People Learn Leadership?

A close associate of mine, Brian Hayman, heads up a leadership training firm called Getting in the Groove. What's remarkable and really cool about their programs is that they always feature a live improvisational jazz combo. You can learn more about this on his site but what I want to share today is a recent "Random Riff" Brian wrote exploring the comment from an executive that, while he didn't believe that leadership could be taught, he did believe it could be learned. I invite you to read … [Read more...]

Book Review – Working With Emotional Intelligence

By Daniel Goleman Bantam Books, 2000 ISBN #0-553-37858-9 What are the ingredients that make up superior performers in our organizations? Must they be intelligent? know their stuff? have unyielding drive? be likeable? Recent research indicates grey matter and technical/job knowledge are but threshold competencies. What differentiates the "stars" are the personal qualities, the so-called "soft skills." It appears that Antoine de St.-Exupéry perhaps got it right in The Little Prince when he … [Read more...]

Article – You Gotta Get’em to Wanna: 6 Roles the Modern Leader Plays

So much is changing in our economic and business environment these years, is it any wonder that the nature of leadership is changing too? We're not talking a new fad, here, folks. Fads come and they go. Leadership—as it is progressively practiced today—is here to stay! If you manage, supervise, direct or formally influence other people, you lead them! So, just for the record, what does this new style of leadership comprise? I have always liked this distinction: "management" is getting things … [Read more...]

Attend to the Pipeline

Despite the bump (yes, in the long term, it's a bump) of the current recession, we are still facing the demographic truth that a lot of boomers will be retiring from the active workforce over the next decade. As enterprises across the planet begin to grow again and the excess of unemployed and underemployed workers has been absorbed, we will be back facing a shortage of talented people. Therefore, in order to put in place the quality and quantity of leaders you will require to expand in this … [Read more...]