Who Should Receive Leadership Development?

All too often, when I ask a client whom they would like to include in their leadership development initiative, they respond with, "Well, we have X senior managers and Y middle managers and Z supervisors. Can we do something for all of them?" In other words, when they hear the word "leader" they think of only people at the top level plus anyone who has at least one employee formally reporting to them. I must confess, I apply this same filter a lot myself. I may influence the client's answer by … [Read more...]

What Whole Foods CEO Would Advise His “Younger Self” to Do

John Mackey is an entrepreneur who has built his very successful business with a genuine eye on his core values. His journey to leading today's Whole Foods is an interesting one. What began as one store in Austin Texas, is now close to 400 outlets employing  80,000 staff and grossing over $12 million. "So John," asked the interviewer in yesterday's Washington Post, "if you could go back to those early years and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?" Having read the full … [Read more...]

Plant Your Talent Investments in Fertile Ground

I recently heard an interesting presentation by Holly Kortright, Senior VP, HR of Deltek. She was talking about where her company has decided to direct their available resources for employee capacity development. They target four areas: High Potentials for leadership positions High Performers People possessing critical, hard to replace, skills People in key positions (e.g. long experience and intimate knowledge of key work processes) With the US government entering a time of … [Read more...]

A Gap in Your Senior Leadership Bench Strength

The baby boomer cohort (commonly accepted age range: 46-64) are the proverbial pig-in-the-python, demographically speaking. Economists raise the alarm of a looming shortage of workers when the "pig" has passed on through. But is this true for executive and senior leaders? There is no shortage of warm bodies to move up to the C suite. But, says a joint study by Pearson and Executive Development Associates, unless employers start to act now, there will be a shortage of people who are fully … [Read more...]