What Does Virtue Have to Do with Leadership?

The ancients, particularly Socrates (through Plato) and Plato, believed "Virtue" to be an absolute that one came to understand through the application of reason. For Aristotle, Virtue was something you didn't deduce in the abstract but rather something you lived, to the best of your ability. In particular, it was about living fully the life that nature has enabled you to. So, the cobbler should live a cobbler's live fully and a teacher the best teaching life he or she can. In the US in the … [Read more...]

To Cheat or Not?…Choosing in Awareness

A presentation called "Why People Cheat" at a recent leadership breakfast by a colleague of mine, Thomas Hoffman, got me thinking. He provoked us with a statistic: people are lied to anywhere from 10 to 200 times per day. Leadership, Tom said, includes the ability to manage cheating. So I'm thinking how does a leader "manage" the prevalence of dishonesty and cheating going on in his/her organization? Studies over the decades have surfaced all manner of causes for cheating. To name just a … [Read more...]