The Best Teams Communicate in 3 Critical Ways

Research reported by Alex Pentland in the April issue of Harvard Business Review has revealed some interesting new information on effective teams. He and his group deployed "sociometric badges" in teams in 21 organizations. These devices are able to monitor on individual team members' tone of voice, body language, frequency of initiating and responding, plus the content of the communications. They uncovered three aspects of communication that correlate with successful team … [Read more...]

Don’t Clone Yourself

A boss of mine early on in my career had a tough, almost bulldog, style. He was a pragmatic, no nonsense guy. He didn't have a wide vocabulary and didn't spend a lot of time talking about concepts. He was super loyal to the company and even more so to the branch of which he was a part. In short, he was the antithesis of yours truly. I never understood why he hired me, with my Masters degree in HR Management and my parallel interest in the bigger picture and broader developments in the … [Read more...]

A Gap in Your Senior Leadership Bench Strength

The baby boomer cohort (commonly accepted age range: 46-64) are the proverbial pig-in-the-python, demographically speaking. Economists raise the alarm of a looming shortage of workers when the "pig" has passed on through. But is this true for executive and senior leaders? There is no shortage of warm bodies to move up to the C suite. But, says a joint study by Pearson and Executive Development Associates, unless employers start to act now, there will be a shortage of people who are fully … [Read more...]

Hire to Complement Your Strengths

I once worked for a fellow named Ray. He was an combative, dedicated HR manager who had come up through the ranks without a lot of "book larnin'." While he saw most issues in black and white terms and was rough around the edges, Ray was wise, street smart and fair in his personnel-related decisions. When he took in yours truly on a transfer from another branch of the company, I had been recently hired with a masters degree from Cornell. Here was I, with my soft, nuanced approach to everything … [Read more...]