Social Pain = Physical Pain

Neuroscientists like Matt Lieberman of UCLA are revealing more and more about the impact of comments that shame or isolate another person, as in a boss saying to his/her employee…   "What in heaven's name prompted you not to call back that customer? How could you have been so thoughtless?" "Do you consider yourself a team player? I sure don't." "When are you going to get off your duff and start doing some work around here?" When a leader speaks to an employee this way, the … [Read more...]

Toxic Mix = Bully Boss

Certain chemicals are inert and harmless standing alone but, when combined, they combust into toxic fumes, or worse. This, apparently, is what frequently happens when a boss becomes a bully.   A series of studies reported last year in the academic journal, Psychological Science, found that bosses who abuse employees tend to be the result of two factors: Being in a position of power over others Feelings of incompetence and self-doubts of their ability It takes both of these to … [Read more...]

Book Review – First, Break All The Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently

By Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman Simon & Schuster, 1999 ISBN #0-684-85286-1 Can you really "develop" your people? And just what is it you want to develop anyway? Do you want them to learn a few new techniques or approaches (what Buckingham and Coffman call skills)? Or perhaps what they need is more information about your product line or industry (knowledge Or, does what stops them from contributing more lie deeper within the employee? An inappropriate attitude? A lack of … [Read more...]