Not Only Purchasing Will be Effected

In the latest Newsweek magazine, an article entitled The Richer Sex reminds us of the rapidly growing purchasing power of women around the planet and how some (but not enough, and that’s the point of the article) companies are tailoring their products and services to appeal to the female customer. If the current trend continues, the author writes, “the average woman will make more than the average man by 2024.”

Put aside for the moment flex time, work life balance, glass ceilings and mommy tracks. The fact remains that women are rising in influence and numbers with the ranks of management in our organizations, including the many that are being founded by the fairer sex.


I see this trend as bringing more of the proven leadership skills we need in this post-modern economy: teamwork, collaboration, dialogue, relationship building, and treating employees as “thou’s” not “it’s.” In my workshops and presentations on leadership I notice more concurrence and head-nodding from women in the room when I talk about these people-centric approaches.

It’s not the whole picture, obviously. We still need managers who can be tough, deal with conflict, push for stretch results and the like. But when you combine these with an ability to engage your employees as the whole human beings they are, you become a “best boss ever.”

For this reason I am heartened by the trend.

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