Boosting Your Team’s Performance

What Participants Will Learn…

  • Aligning your team around common goals
  • The difference between a true “team” and a working group of people
  • The roles of team leader and team member
  • How to develop and use team “norms” to enable the team to self-manage its processes.
  • Communication within the team-how to do “maintenance” when required
  • Leading cross-functional teams
  • How to keep your team focused on performance results
  • Moving your team to become self-managing*
  • How to make a virtual team work*
  • Gold of the Desert Kings®*
  • Running an efficient team meeting*

(* offered in the two-day version only):


Learn how to help your team quickly develop a common purpose, focus of effort and way of working together effectively. Guide a new team through its natural stages of growth, from initial formation to dynamic performance. Create an atmosphere of openness and trust, where conflict becomes an energy that fires the team to even greater accomplishment. Discover the characteristics of superior teams and how to incorporate them into yours.

Each participant gains hands-on experience as a member of a temporary team, applying their learning in real time as the program unfolds. The two-day seminar is anchored by the very popular high-energy experiential learning, Gold of the Desert Kings® This simulation emphasizes the importance of striving for high performance while at the same time maintaining strong, positive working relationships.

Points Regarding This Program…

  • Target audience is anyone who leads a management, departmental, or project team.
  • A highly interactive workshop, with the 2-day version enabling much deeper experiencing of being part of an actual team, experiencing as much as possible the team’s evolution through the classic stages of growth.
  • This program works particularly well as a follow-on workshop after completion of our flagship program, The Skillful Leader.

*Special Feature:

The two-day program includes the powerful team process tool, the Teamwork Palette®. This tool helps your team deal quickly and effectively with human group dynamics issues that can slow you down and in some cases even prevent you from achieving the team’s goals. You will learn how to use your Palette to enhance the performance of the team you lead or belong to at work. The Palette can be an added option to the one-day program.


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