Effective Meetings

“A meeting is an event where minutes are kept and hours are lost.”
(note–there is no attribution on this one)

What Participants Will Learn…

  • Proven pre-meeting activities
  • Role of the chairperson
  • Role of the participants
  • How to keep a meeting moving and on track
  • How to cope with dysfunctional behaviors in the group
  • Evaluating and adjourning the meeting
  • Ensuring agreed-upon follow-up actions take place.


Surveys tell us that managers spend from 20-70% of their time in meetings! Now there’s an investment that is ripe for increased leverage! This short, focused session shows how to get greater results from every meeting you call AND have participants leave feeling energized from the experience.

Points Regarding This Program…

  • To ensure positive impact from applying these techniques, you will also learn about the critical interpersonal dynamics that kick in whenever a group of humans gathers to discuss and decide.
  • This program works particularly well as a follow-on workshop after completion of our flagship program, The Skillful Leader, which we deliver under our leadership development arm, Leadership: The Enduring Edge.
*Optional Special Feature:

As an option, you may choose to include the powerful meeting process tool, the Team Work Palette®. This tool helps your group deal quickly and effectively with human group dynamics issues that can slow down and in some cases even prevent you from achieving the meeting goals. You will learn how to use your Palette to enhance the performance of meetings you lead or participate in. The Palette can be an added option to the one-day program.


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