Leading Change Without Migraines™

This program is delivered by our associate, Rick Maurer

What Participants Will Learn…

  • The Cycle of Change–what it is, why it matters and how to use it
  • What causes people to resist or support change
  • How to make a compelling case for change
  • Getting your change initiative started on the right foot
  • Keep the change alive so you achieve the intended results
  • When change derails, how to get it back on track


Leading Change without Migraines™ is training in service of helping your organization address some pressing challenge or opportunity. The people who attend the workshop are there to learn skills that they can begin to apply immediately to a particular challenge or opportunity. The expectation of this workshop is that the organization will do something with what they learn today. In fact, the workshop is designed so that you begin to make progress on this change during the session. This is a practical roll-up-your-sleeves and get-to-work session.

Points Regarding This Program…

  • This workshop is for people who are expected to lead a particular change in your organization. You could invite executives, managers, and project leaders as long as these are the men and women who you rely on to lead change.
  • Everyone receives a hard copy of the 48-page Introduction to Change without Migraines™.
  • Everyone receives worksheets and assessments that we will use to examine what needs to be done to support change in your organization.
  • A “leader” for this group will meet with Rick by phone prior to the event to make sure that what you need and what Rick delivers is aligned.
  • Two 60 to 90 minute follow-up calls for everyone who attends this workshop to discuss your progress and next steps.
  • You may send up to 25 people provided they are people who are empowered to make decisions regarding whatever change you’d like them to focus on.


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