Management Development Workshop Modules

Features of our Workshops

Adults learn best by doing, not by being lectured at. And managing people, by its very nature, is interactive. So, it only makes sense in a management seminar to spend as much time as possible on skill practice. Our workshops do just that by:

  1. minimizing time spent presenting theory and concepts
  2. devoting the majority of the workshop to skill practice, “how to” demonstrations of techniques, and discussions that relate learnings to participants’ own real work world
  3. challenging them to identify concrete ways to apply skills learned in class back on the job

 “Knowledge is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”
– Goethe

The Skillful Leader

This is not a set, fixed, curriculum. Rather, working with you, we assemble from a range of content modules a 2-4 day program that is targeted to the particular development needs of your managers. This can be followed by a number of optional strategies for ensuring that skills learned become permanently applied back at work. (Read more)

Coaching Poor & Marginal Performers

In this one-day, technique-packed workshop, learn how to conduct those difficult performance-correcting discussions with your employees in a non-acrimonious, problem-soving atmosphere. (Read more)

Dialogue Skills

Presents cutting edge concepts and approaches from the newly emerging field of dialogue. Discover how different perspectives around a problem can be expressed, honored and examined without the parties feeling they have had to give in or “lose.” The outcome: reduced interpersonal friction and higher quality decisions. (Read more)

Boosting Your Team’s Performance

Comprehensive team training. Learn how to help your team quickly develop a common purpose, focus of effort and way of working together effectively. Guide a new team through its natural stages of growth, from initial formation to dynamic performance. Create an atmosphere of openness, trust, and team work where conflict transforms into an energy that fires the team to even greater accomplishment. (Read more)

Running Effective Meetings

Surveys tell us that managers spend from 20-70% of their time in meetings! Now here’s an investment that is ripe for increased leverage! This “quick hit,” focused session shows how to get greater results from every meeting you call AND have participants leave feeling energized from the experience. (Read more)

Leading Change without Migraines™

One third of all major changes in organizations succeed. Most of the others fail because of one thing – leaders failed to anticipate resistance to change or work with it effectively when it appeared. During this roll-up-your-sleeves workshop you will begin to develop plans to make a compelling case for change, get started on the right foot, keep the change alive so you get the results you want, and develop contingency plans just in case things do start to go off-track. (Read more)

Managing Up

Especially designed for non-supervisory staff and individual contributors. Show them how to take personal accountability for their work performance, job satisfaction and career development and for doing their part to build and sustain a solid working relationship with their immediate manager. (Read more)


“I wanted to personally thank you for the just completed training you provided to our Field Management Team. I noticed throughout the training that there were several “aha moments” where that moment of clarity occurred and the training resonated with our team.

The work and preparation you did on the front end in learning about our business and understanding the challenges faced by our team was obvious from the outset and resulted in your being able to establish a great rapport with all participants. Your ability to connect with the participants and make the training relevant to their day-to-day world was excellent.”

-Michael Parks, Vice President, Corporate Resources, Digital Reception Services

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