Business Process Improvement

This process is led by our associate, Russ Hanson

To succeed in today’s rapidly changing, customer-focused economy, work that has traditionally been organized around tasks and functions must increasingly be structured around processes and systems.

Business Process Improvement is a methodology for examining your existing process(es) and designing a more effective approach to meet your business or organizational goals. BPI can range from analysis and improvement of an existing process all the way to radical reinvention of a major business segment to achieve dramatic changes in the way work is accomplished. It can be applied equally by private, not-for-profit and public sector organizations to achieve quantum leaps in performance.

We offer two solutions, depending upon your requirements:

  1. Customized Consulting and Facilitation This will focus around your particular business process or multiple connected processes. Our consultant will lead your group through a proven approach, adjusted to meet your particular needs.
    • Analysis of existing business processes to identify areas of greatest need.
    • Development of strategies and plans for conducting a process improvement project.
    • Facilitating cross-functional teams through a complete life cycle of the improvement process.
    • Establishing appropriate metrics to measure process improvements and assess project success.
    • Creating process management capabilities to assure that the new process takes hold and is effectively maintained over time.
  2. Process Improvement Workshop Your participants not only learn how to carry out a complete process improvement project but also begin work on enhancing a specific process in your department or organization. They will apply a four-phase model of process improvement and management:
    1. Process Identification
    2. Process Analysis
    3. Process Improvement
    4. Process Management

Participants will learn how to:

  • Look at their organization as an interconnected system of business processes
  • Link process improvement activities to critical business needs
  • Establish a process improvement team, with goals, a charter, and a project plan
  • Create relationship and process maps to analyze existing systems and optimize ways of operating
  • Identify the common sources of process errors and inefficiencies
  • Identify disconnects in the current process
  • Develop meaningful performance measures for process operations
  • Apply the tools of process mapping and analysis to an existing business process
  • Establish process management structures to assure performance is sustained and improvement continues

(Note: This workshop is conducted in-house in your organization. It is not offered in a public seminar format.)

Those in your organization who will particularly benefit from it are:

  • Business executives
  • Department managers
  • Reengineering teams
  • Organization design /development specialists
  • Quality managers
  • Process improvement teams
  • Cross-functional teams


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