Is your upcoming meeting a strategic planning session? A sales or project launch? A departmental communications day? Or, perhaps, team building for an intact management or project team?

Whichever it is, it undoubtedly involves a significant investment.

First you have the value of the participants’ time, more precious than ever in this time-starved work world. Second, add in the cost of any facility rental, A-V equipment, travel, food and lodging. Finally, and most important, there is the opportunity cost if, following your meeting, plans and decisions are not carried out or your team’s behavior does not change for the better.

Maximize your investment by engaging the services of a professional facilitator. Check out our article: What if  We Brought in a Facilitator?

“Ultimately, strategy, leadership and teaming have to find their high-performing intersection. When companies leverage world-class strategy with world-class leadership and teaming, enduring momentum is possible.”
Roger Lacey, VP of Corporate Planning & Strategy 3M Company

Customized Team Retreats

For teams that…

  • Are newly formed (or re-formed)
  • Have a brand new leader
  • Have been experiencing conflict of a decrease in effectiveness
  • Just want to become even more effective

Our professional facilitator will help your team improve its processes, enhance its human dynamics, re-energize its spirit, and even get unstuck. The goal, as always, is to be more productive and achieve greater results. (Read more)

Department Team-Building Events

Take your team off-site for a day (or more) to…

  • Enhance skills
  • Build group cohesion
  • Address a particular challenge
  • Increase delivery capacity
  • Celebrate a successful year

We work with you to design and facilitate an event that will be both productive and memorable. Our job is to ensure that you achieve your desired objectives and get a good return on your investment in the session. (Read more)

Kick-Starting a Temporary Team

Limited life teams face special challenges…

  • They are deadline-driven and lack enough time.
  • Members face competing pressures from other parts of their jobs.
  • Some don’t want to be on the team at all.
  • Members tend to avoid conflict, preferring to silently put up with any disharmony until the team winds down.

A focused team building session at the very start of your group’s existence will reduce the negative impact these obstacles can have on the team’s ultimate performance. (Read more)

Team Mapping

Team mapping offers a unique, in-depth analysis of your teams and teaming in your organization, providing a roadmap to ensure the highest levels of cooperation, productivity and effectiveness.

Our team mapping process uses cutting edge analytical tools to map both the hard and soft factors of team effectiveness. It identifies the key drivers of and major obstacles to successful collaboration in your teams.

This process shows you how to invest most efficiently in your teams. It even allows you to compare the ROI between different strategies to enhance team effectiveness (e.g. leadership or teamwork training, better hiring, use of technology, changing team members).

Team mapping gives you a clear path to optimal team performance. (Read more)

Aligning and Focusing Your Unit

Clarify the “Key Results Areas” where you and each of your direct reports are expected to deliver. Align everyone’s outcomes to support the goals of the organization. Ensure that each person devotes his or her time and attention accordingly to sustain this focus over time. (Read more)


This is the “scalpel” of facilitation, designed exclusively to bring together two units, functions or, indeed, individuals whose work interaction has deteriorated to the point of damaging morale and your ability to deliver quality products or service. (Read more)

Open Space

  • Bring a diverse group of people together around a complex issue
  • Generate creative ideas and solutions
  • Converge on focused actions
  • Build commitment to implement the best of the ideas that emerge

This cutting edge methodology gathers together the wisdom and experience of your people and releases their energy and creativity to solve a problem, uncover opportunities or launch an initiative. (Read more)


Used typically with large scale construction projects, this process has been proven to foster collaboration, trust and respect, speedy resolution of issues and measurable results for all stake holders. (Read more)

Business Process Improvement

With today’s work organized around processes and systems (vs. around individual tasks and functions), BIP is a methodology for examining your existing process(es) and designing a more effective approach to meet your business or organizational goals. (Read more)

Change without Migraines™ Consulting

We believe that people in your organization should make the decisions regarding the planning and implementation of major changes. (We don’t believe you should delegate that responsibility to consultants.) We work closely with you to help you think through options, make good decisions, and develop your own capacity to lead change effectively. (Read more)


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