Promises, Promises™

A Simulation that…

  • Promises, Promisesteaches how to minimize the influence of “silos” as you strive, collectively, for quality results and customer satisfaction.
  • prepares you to recognize the inter-dependencies within your organization and seek out new opportunities for synergy
  • supports the building of a common vision within your organization

The Setting…

TEN nations are headed by teams of leaders who have made promises to their respective peoples. Some of these promises are challenging to meet; others are effortless. Each team begins with an allotted amount of wealth, food, and environmental programs, plus some rather nasty items called “scandals.”

To fulfill their own obligations to their citizens, teams attend the inaugural meeting of the United League of Nations where they must build alliances, barter with and, in some cases, challenge other nations for their resources.

The Learnings…

Importance of Building Trust

Trust is the foundation element for a successful enterprise. It drives out fear that inhibits creative solutions. It enables the sharing of limited resources for their optimal deployment. And it fosters open communication and teamwork.

Shared, Unified Vision

Today’s increasingly “boundaryless” organizations are replacing the me focus of departmental silos with a wider emphasis on we. Participants come to realize how everyone’s success requires individual, departmental and organizational objectives to be identified and aligned.

Quality Communication

We are responsible for communicating what others need to know and ensuring that we receive information that impacts on our performance. High quality communication underpins high collective performance.

The Event…

This is a lively inter-group experience for ten to several hundred participants. The simulation, plus a 60-90 minute debrief takes a full half-day and lends itself well to a full day format or to being integrated into a longer course or conference. Participants discover why other departments or individuals, focusing on their own needs, urgencies and perceptions of relationships, can behave quite differently, even belligerently, and diminish overall organizational performance.

Created by Eagle’s Flight. Fulcrum Associates Inc. is a licensed distributor of this program


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