Gold of the Desert Kings®

A Simulation that…

  • Gold of the Dessert Kings®replicates the challenges teams face in today’s competitive, demanding work environment
  • prepares teams to boost their effectiveness through planning and a focus on maximizing results
  • supports the implementation of a high performance team approach in your organization
  • moves your strategy from playing just to survive to playing to win

The Setting…

The mission for the teams is to race one another across the hostile desert to the mountains, mine for gold, and then return across the burning sands and cash in their treasure at the market rate. The winning team is the one that:

  1. survives and
  2. has massed the greatest net worth.

Operating under tight time pressures, teams plan and make strategic decisions regarding routing, timing, the acquisition and use of limited supplies, and contingency plans for heatwaves and sandstorms that frequently assail our intrepid adventurers.

The Learnings…Gold of the Dessert Kings®

Focus on Maximizing Results

Activity alone does not guarantee productivity. Participants are challenged to think in terms of “what is possible” rather than “what is necessary to survive.” Success begins with a commitment to maximize.

Utilization of Resources

Teams start with the same “fixed budget” and (limited) resources, the most critical being time, information, and people. Teams that consistently outperform identify and use every resource towards maximizing output.

Planning and Goal-Setting

The simulation demonstrates that, when faced with time pressure and activity by the competition, most teams replace planning with immediate action. The debrief reinforces the direct impact that planning and goals have on team performance.

Teamwork and Leadership

Open communication, coordinated roles and responsibilities, smooth decision-making, accepted leadership, and a shared vision determine which teams will excel when the pressure is on.

The Event…

THIS is a fast paced, competitive, and high-energy experience for six to several hundred participants. The simulation, plus a 60-90 minute debrief takes a full half-day and lends itself well to a full day format. It is easily integrated into a longer course or conference. Participants have the opportunity to take a look at how they performed, extract some valuable personal insights, and then apply these to improving their individual and team effectiveness back on the job.

Created by Eagle’s Flight. Fulcrum Associates Inc. is a licensed distributor of this program.


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