Council of the Marble Star®

A Simulation that…

  • Council of the Marble Star®highlights the issues surrounding personal effectiveness
  • focuses you on both task and relationship to generate maximum results
  • builds productive people through the enlightened management of information, activities and relationships

The Setting…

Archeologists worldwide are thrilled to have uncovered ancient artifacts that demystify King Arthur’s Camelot. Share in the discovery of Merlin’s personal journal which outlines the key to Arthur’s victorious reign.

Participants will have the opportunity to take part in “The Challenge of Excelleron” exactly as it took place back in the days of Camelot. They will see how villagers become elite members of King Arthur’s court by competing, trading, negotiating and working together.

The Learnings…

  • Manage for productivity through change or uncertainty
  • Understand that perceptions outweigh intentions
  • Discover personal habits, approaches and styles that block productivity
  • Master the challenge of building quality relationships, while obtaining quality results
  • Acquire and apply information to ensure maximum productivity
  • Create a vision for individual and corporate excellence

The Event…

This is a lively inter-group experience for ten to several hundred participants. The simulation, plus a 60-90 minute debrief takes a full half-day and lends itself well to a full day format or to being integrated into a longer course or conference. Participants, as they push for results, are often astonished to learn that their approach is perceived by other parties quite differently from how they see it themselves.

Created by Eagle’s Flight. Fulcrum Associates Inc. is a licensed distributor of this program.


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