Experiential Learning Events

According to futurist Bob Johansen and the Center for Creative Leadership, one of the 10 critical new leadership skills is “Immersive Learning Ability”: the ability to immerse yourself in unfamiliar environments and learn from them in a first-person way.

Our Experiential Learning Events provide a perfect way to develop this skill. Different from traditional classroom-based training, each of the following programs involves a vivid simulation experience. Your participants are first immersed in the experience and then, with the aid of a facilitator, they debrief what they have learned about themselves and their style. Finally, they identify practical, more effective, approaches they can implement immediately back at work.

These programs show your managers how to:

These are stand-alone half or full-day experiences where you learn more about your “default” leadership style and explore exciting new ways to manage your people and build an more productive organization.

Bust silo thinking! See the larger (system) picture:

Friday Night at the ER®

Friday Night at the ERBust through silo thinking!  Managers of key hospital departments cope with a frenetic 24 hour period as patients flow into and through the Emergency Room. They discover how their own unit is, in fact, part of a larger system which functions effectively only if they work collaboratively. (Read more)

Promises, Promises™

promises_smRoll out the red carpet… Experience the challenges of interdependent teams while in the role of newly elected politicians, fulfilling outrageous promises made during an intense election campaign. Here you’ll understand the huge benefits to be realized through trust, common vision and effective communication. (Read more)

Terra Nova™

terranovaThree specialized “guilds” (teams) come together to build, from scratch, a structure representing the new community of Terra Nova. As they struggle to collaborate on the project while maintaining high quality and profitability standards, they pause periodically to reflect, reassess and refocus on behaviors that will generate an optimal outcome. (Read more)


Sharpen leadership practices:

Council of the Marble Star™

Council-292x300Take the “Challenge of Excelleron” and serve as King Arthur’s wise Elders did so long ago. Experience the challenges and rewards of balancing the need for short-term results with the need for long-term productive relationships. (Read more)



Getting in the Groove®

groovesmAn entertaining and instructive approach to enhancing organizational performance using the insights and discipline that underpin the creativity of jazz improvisation. (Read more)


Maximize your team’s outcomes:

Gold of the Desert Kings®

gold1smThere is gold in the mountains! Experience the benefits of teamwork, planning, goal setting and managing risk in this challenging, high-energy race across the perilous desert. (Read more)

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