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“We are born on the wrong side of our eyes.”
– Peter Block

Communicate Your Performance Expectations and Deliver Feedback

How to Communicate Your Performance Expectations and Deliver Feedback

“Having the tough conversations with employees about performance,” say managers, “is just about the most difficult thing I have to do. All I ask is that they do the job I’m paying them to do.”

At the same time, significant numbers of employees will tell you, “I don’t know what my boss expects of me” and “I’ve had zero feedback on how I’m doing.”

This gap does not need to exist! Regardless of whether it’s because managers don’t want to confront poor performance or just don’t know how to do it, there are straightforward, easy to apply approaches for having such discussions.

In this highly interactive session, participants learn and practice effective ways to shift accountability for performance over to the employee–where it belongs. You discover how to cut through the confusion we often experience when an employee resists or deflects from addressing his/her performance short fall.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • What job “performance” is–and isn’t–so you focus on precisely what you are paying them for
  • How to set out clearly the specific performance you expect so they know exactly what they must deliver
  • How to present performance feedback in a way that fosters
    • problem solving, not blame
    • an adult-to-adult, rather than parent-to-child, tone
  • 8 practical tips for giving feedback when conducting a performance appraisal
  • How to respond when your employee resists or responds like a victim
  • Word-for-word phrases you can use to build accountability and commitment from your employees

Particularly suited for:

This program is particularly suited for Managers who want to become proficient and comfortable talking about performance–good, mediocre or poor–so that every employee meets and even exceeds what the enterprise expects.


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